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monthly horoscopes Jan 04, 2022
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Hello Beloved Astro Tribe!

Welcome to 2022, and happy new year! I’m beyond thrilled to finally launch my new empowering monthly horoscopes as a complimentary service for the collective on I believe that this monthly horoscope column is an opportunity for me to give back and help humanity through the transformative power of Black Moon Lilith™, alchemy, and astrology.

These horoscopes are a high vibe combination of astrology, spiritual alchemy techniques, and my own intuitively guided messages for each zodiac sign. My intention with this monthly horoscope is to not only let you know what's ahead in the stars, but how to energetically navigate it. Your frequency and vibration are your currency, but we are not taught this in school! This is not a mystical and out of this world spiritual concept. It’s simply your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Yes this is how we manifest!

Believe it or not, energy, frequency, and vibration is what actually creates the world around you. Where do you think inventions, new technology, and societal structures came from? This power has been suppressed on a collective level and only accessible to a few due to controlling belief systems and ancestral trauma. Now is the time to take this power back through the enlightening power of the cosmos and alchemy. When you understand which cosmic energies are at play, you can consciously create, instead of allowing the outside to control our next reality.

Shadow work is a spiritual alchemy practice of shining a light on, and healing limiting behaviors, beliefs, patterns, and blocks that keep you reaching your highest potential. This will be a month that is all about embracing the dark, and healing through shadow work. This slow down is due to the planetary retrogrades (Mercury and Venus) and planetary shifts we are experiencing.

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Wishing you abundance, healing, and health in 2022!
Adama High Priestess & Astrologer


Saturday January 2: New Moon in Capricorn (1:33pm eastern time)
Friday January 14: Mercury retrograde starts in Aquarius
Monday January 17: Full Moon in Cancer (6:48 pm eastern time)
Tuesday January 18: Uranus direct in Taurus
Wednesday January 19: Aquarius Season | North & South Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio
Saturday January 29: Venus direct in Capricorn


I’m going to start off giving the month’s energy to you straight with no chaser just like a Capricorn: The year will be off to a slow and restrictive start, and this won’t clear up until March. We enter into 2022 with Venus (the planetary goddess of finances, balance, love, and beauty) retrograde in the business-minded earth sign of Capricorn until January 29. As a result, we will experience more social restriction, challenges with societal infrastructures, and some economic slowdowns.

While this is the new year according to the Gregorian calendar, the stars will slow us down verses encouraging us to go full speed ahead. The universe is asking for you to use this time to hibernate, turn your attention inwards and shine a light on patterns and behaviors that are limiting your growth. You must make room in your life to receive the positivity coming your way, and January will be the ideal time to clear out the clutter. This is the perfect time to do the alchemical work and integrate shadow energies like doubt, fear, and negative thought patterns. What’s a practical method to do this spiritual alchemy work? I suggest an energetic deep cleaning of limiting beliefs with my Shadow Work Program, only available in the Lilith Magick Shop.

The good news is that this challenging energy at the beginning of the year won’t last forever, and we will not experience a total repeat of winter 2020. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and growth will also start off the year feeling “at home” in the spiritual and emotional water sign of Pisces. “At home” means that when a planet is in its comfort zone, it will give beneficial results! While we start off the year working through challenges as a global society, there will be positive breakthroughs beginning in March.

On January 2, there will be a new moon activating the earth sign of Capricorn. A new moon in astrology is when the moon and sun form an exact connection in the sky, giving off the dark moon effect. It’s important to note that when the moon is in Capricorn, it’s in what Astrologers call its detriment, or an uncomfortable position. As a result, this is not a new moon to plant new seeds, practice magic, initiate, launch, or start new endeavors! Instead this is a time to get down to business, revise, and energetically clear out what’s been blocking your progress.

Capricorn energy is like a home’s foundation or the root of a tree. Strength and structure are required in order for the rest to properly function. If the foundation of your home or the roots of a tree are compromised, everything will crumble, fold, and cease to exist. This new moon is ushering in a new mindset surrounding these toxic old patterns and self-limiting behaviors. This is the decay that’s holding you back from your highest self or true self. January is a month of repair, review, and the shifting of old patterns that are limiting our growth and expansion.

In order to know what garbage must be cleared from our lives, we first have to experience discontent and aggravation in order to see it for what it is. Prepare for this to occur when Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, begins its retrograde cycle in Aquarius on January 14. Brace yourself for eye opening events, challenges and bumps in the road to encourage change. The key is doing your due diligence, having patience, and making aligned decisions. I also predict more court proceedings or an outage or two in the social media and tech world during this Mercury retrograde period (and yes, I’m looking at you meta).

Towards the middle of the month, there is a revealing and emotional full moon at home in the sign of Cancer on January 17. A full moon in Astrology is when the moon is opposite from the sun in the sky. This is when the moon is bright, full, and round – illuminating the truth. The big question during the full moon is: where have you put the care of others over yourself? Cancer’s lesson in life is to understand the flow of their nurturing in order to not become depleted. You will realize this month how important it is to pour into your cup first. Self-care isn’t just a buzzword.

Aquarius season starts on the 18th, activating the challenging energy of Mercury retrograde and Saturn. This essentially means that the second half of the month will feel a bit emotionally bumpy and restricted, so practice patience my darling tribe member. Uranus moving direct in Taurus on January 18 will also ramp up erratic weather patterns, shortages of certain resources, supply chain concerns, and delays in travel.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn will not help this situation get any better. Venus brings harmony and Capricorn rules over the structure of society – but not when she’s retrograde! The good news is this retrograde period will be over on January 29 to help ease us into a period of relief in the spring. The next day on January 19, the karmic north and south nodes of the moon will switch into Taurus and Scorpio. So what does this mean? Our collective focus for the next 18 months will be on agriculture, the earth, creating abundance, navigating financial change, and how we distribute resources as a planet.

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 Remember this is a general horoscope for the collective zodiac - not for your specific chart. Take what resonates for you and leave what doesn’t.
Pay the most attention to your rising sign for the most accurate forecast. You can also read your sun sign too! Not sure about your rising or sun sign? Try our favorite free birth chart calculator here.
Another pro-tip: read your partner's, colleagues, friends, or family member's forecasts for a glance into their world too!


Your symbol is the Ram and you are the first sign of the zodiac for a reason, my powerful Aries warrior. You are a natural leader, and as the month begins, you will step into that power. Before you can charge ahead, you will be required to let go of collaborations and agreements that have limited your growth. January will be a major career clean out in order for you to have space to restructure your life path and professional vision. Where do you see yourself over the next 12 years? Not to put on serious pressure, but this month is a crucial time to lay a sturdy foundation in order to receive the lucky breakthroughs that are coming your way later this year.

Organizing finances, bossing up and increasing your prices are highly recommended at this time. Aim high and the universe will reward you for creating your own life! Some Aries may receive resistance from others at first, but stick to it and reassert your value. The universe will confirm your desire, and others will raise the bar to meet you! Be prepared for old friends, and acquaintances to reconnect with you this month. Past opportunities can resurface, especially through cherished connections in your tribe. It would be wise to mention your future aspirations to others this month!


It’s time for a new mindset as the year begins, my beautiful Taurus. Where have you allowed limiting beliefs to dictate your reality? The new moon in Capricorn on January 2 will bring this question to the forefront, and now you feel ready to answer it. You will feel like it’s time to break out of the mold you’ve set for yourself. Many Taurus can feel encouraged to take a course, start school, or begin a certification during the winter to move this shift along. This Capricorn new moon is pushing you to expand your skills, and get down to business.

It’s important to anticipate slowdowns in the area of your life path, work, or career, my lovely Taurus. This is due to Mercury retrograde with Saturn in Aquarius in your tenth house of professional matters. This means: events, conversations, and meetings can bring up areas of your career that are no longer in alignment. It’s time for you to review in order to decide what must stay, and what must go. It’s advised to reflect and wait until after Mercury moves direct in February to make any final decisions.


It’s time for another burst of professional growth, my vocally creative Gemini. You have experienced a preview of this energy from May to July in 2021. Now, the universe will give you another breakthrough in the area of your career during the first half of this year. Remember to set your intentions in alignment with your truth, because you will receive it! A bump up on the professional totem pole, or the need to expand your offerings could be in store for you this month. Take a step back and honor the fact that you are transforming into your higher self and aligning with your true life path.

The energetic spotlight will also be on the money you receive from others like mortgages, loans, and taxes. It’s time to clear the cob webs that have been holding you back financially. Use this month to restructure, and reclaim your power surrounding finances or debts. Money is only evil if you believe it to be, and as a result, it won’t stick around your bank account for long! For some of you, discussing finances with a marriage partner surrounding a significant investment could be a major theme. For others, a client who is providing funding for your work could come back from the past and renegotiate. Be prepared for contractual delays, but don’t stress, all will resolve itself after this month.


It’s time to get down to business in the relationship department, and empower yourself Cancer. The new moon will place a major focus on this area of your life as the year begins. As the most emotional sign of the zodiac, this month will encourage you to honor and articulate your emotions to other people in a healthy way. Don’t suppress your truth for the comfort of others. For single Cancers: you can realize what you want in a relationship. You can’t manifest anything from the universe until you clearly identify it! For those who are partnered: you can experience a deepening of your current bond.

Discussions surrounding finances (potentially involving a partner) or renegotiating important contracts will also be a major theme for you. It’s time to make changes and shift what’s draining your energy. Even though the world is feeling restricted, you will also feel some major motivation when it comes to your health, daily routine, habits, and work life as the year begins. This is because of Mars, the planet of drive, in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius in this area of your life.


Leo, the devil is in the details as the year kicks off with you focused on changing your daily habits in order to achieve your larger life vision. The new moon in Capricorn on January 2 will highlight where in your daily routine you’ve placed your energetic eggs in the wrong basket. The cosmos will encourage you to figure out how to work smart, versus working hard during January. It’s time to change up your schedule and focus on preserving your wellness in order to create a stable foundation.

Be careful of some tension surrounding significant relationships and agreements as the year begins. This will be influenced by Mercury retrograde, and lesson oriented Saturn in Aquarius. Miscommunications and disagreements can lead to challenging disagreements if you’re not careful. Instead, honor what the other party brings to the table. When you shift your energy in a situation, the other person tends to match you, so choose patience and love.


Earth energy is your element, and you will find joy in the solitude you’re experiencing during Capricorn season as the year begins. In solitude, the best ideas have space to come through. You may birth a new creative vision or project around the new moon in Capricorn on January 2. Of course, I must warn you that Mercury and Venus retrograde will occur this month, so this isn’t the best time to launch new creative endeavors. I understand though that sometimes you must move forward! Prepare to put in the work required to bring your dreams to life.

Your relationships and agreements with others will also start to take a positive turn as Jupiter (remember luck and abundance) re-enters your seventh house. Think back to May - July of 2021, as this was a preview of this energy last year. This planetary shift will set off a year of positive contracts, relationship growth, and understanding what you need from others on a deeper level. I must warn you though, Mercury will be retrograde in your area of work and your daily routine. Prepare for some mishaps, and frustration surrounding the mundane tasks of the day. Don’t worry though, this will clear up as the month ends.


Your home, family, and emotional world will be top of mind for you as January begins. The new moon in Capricorn on January 2 will energize this area of your chart for the first two weeks of the month. Venus retrograde is also heavily influencing this new moon, focusing your attention on family, household duties like renovations, redecorating, or restructuring your home for the better. While this could be taking up all of your energy, it’ll create a positive foundation for your life this year!

A past romantic could also contact some Libras during January, thanks to Venus and Mercury retrograde. For others, old lessons surrounding love and relationships could resurface in order to be resolved. Just remember how far you’ve come, Libra. You also could start to receive the rewards from all of the daily work and effort you’ve put in over the last 12 years. It’s important for you to remain optimistic, delays will clear towards spring, and all will move forward as we move into 2022!


It’s time to get down to business as the year begins, my powerful Scorpio. Contracts, and important meetings could be in the energetic spotlight for many of you during the Capricorn new moon on January 2. A transformative collaboration from the past could resurface again as well this month. For others, you will experience new realizations surrounding your values, and what you desire out of your relationships with others. Be prepared to experience communication breakdowns with serious friendships or relationships in your life. You will realize the imbalance of a current relationship this month too which can feel frustrating.

A creative idea, project or investment that you have put a lot of sweat equity into could finally begin to pay off. Your money, and how you budget it could also be a focus with Mars in Sagittarius energizing this area of your life. On the other hand, fertility matters, or children can also be in the energetic spotlight for some. While this depends on your own individual situation, collectively Scorpios will be experiencing some inner child healing. Take time this month to integrate what was missing from your life when you were young.


Money is energy my dear Sagittarian archers! No, it’s not capitalist or colonial to say this, this is how we take back our power as master creators in this reality. Wealth is just a physical manifestation of Venus’ cosmic energy of abundance. Once you change the limiting beliefs around money, you can attract more in. This is universal law, my dear Sagittarian. As the month begins, you will learn a very harsh lesson surrounding your income, but it was much needed. Perhaps you’ve been going overboard? It’s time to set boundaries and a budget.

You will also have a lot of energy this month compared to other signs. This is due to the planet of action and drive, Mars in Sagittarius during the month. Some Sagittarians could be busy with the home like reorganizing, moving, or handling home-related matters. Don’t worry this won’t last forever, changes that come up now are ultimately to improve your home sanctuary for the better!


It will be all about you as January begins, dear Capricorn. The new moon is in the sign of Capricorn on January 2, and will be heavily influenced by Venus retrograde. This means that you will get down to business and adopt a new personal mindset. This month you will gain clarity on who you are, and what you want in your life. Capricorn is a sign that exudes power, and you now are actualizing and integrating yours. As a result of the endless work you’ve put in, some of you can receive a long overdue boost in your coins, or recognition from the past.

Cleaning up your finances, and how your money is organized will also be a priority this month. Mercury retrograde will heavily influence this part of your life, and bring up areas for improvement. Investments or a creative project could take up a lot of your budget this month due to the harsh square between Mercury retrograde and Uranus. Be careful to stick to your budget. You also could hear from past romances or hookups this month. It’s important to think twice before digging back into the past, Capricorn!


The year will begin on a contemplative note, my Aquarius. The new moon in Capricorn on January 2 is a self-reflective moment for you as it’s occurring in your hidden twelfth house. This means, a new moon in this area of your life will influence you to cocoon, and focus on improving your own internal world. Ancestral patterns, or limiting beliefs you’ve inherited from family can come up for you during this time. Use this as a time to identify and clear the shadows that have limited your relationships with others.

You will also feel restricted due to the pandemic, and this could give you the motivation to work and grow your income. Mars is revving up your drive in the sign of Sagittarius and forming connections with lucky Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter will be moving through your second house of money, and bringing growth to your coins this year. Don’t be afraid to share that unique idea this month, Aquarius. It could bring positive shifts as the year progresses!


While it may not seem this way now, your luck will increase as you enter January, Pisces. Past friends, and people in your extended tribe could come back around, and give you a helping hand. This will be influenced by Venus retrograde in Capricorn in the area of your network, hopes, and wishes. Is there a dream you have been working diligently on? Share your ideas with the people you know this month… you will receive the support you’ve needed!

Your planetary ruler Jupiter (brings luck and abundance) will be in the sign of Pisces as the year begins. This transit only happens to you once every 12 years, bringing tremendous personal growth, and positive breakthroughs in 2022. I must note that you also experienced a preview of this energy from May to July 2021, so it’s important to think back to that time. Jupiter can make things easier, so set your intentions high, and the planet of wealth will clear a path forward for you to get there this year.


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