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About Lilith Astrology

Interesting and inspiring. Healing and revealing. Astrology and the birth chart are powerful tools for shadow work, alchemy, and soul ascension. is a site designed to empower humanity through the divine feminine power of Lilith. This is a placement in the Astrological chart called True Black Moon Lilith. You can harness this divine feminine shadow energy for improved self-awareness. 


Come to Lilith Astrology to explore the depths of your birth chart for greater understanding of your biggest challenges and opportunities in all aspects of life. Learn about your true passions, your purpose, and your natural talents. It’s all in your chart, waiting to be discovered and interpreted. The more you know, the more you grow.

lilith astrology adama sesay
lilith astrology adama sesay

About Adama


I'm Adama, Cosmic Alchemist and Astrologist behind I am dedicated to empowering humanity through my profound knowledge of the universe and Magick manifestation techniques. I believe that "Magick", or creating your reality purely through will and your mind, can transform your life. Once you understand this powerful way of life and the cosmos, you will be unstoppable.


For much of my life, I had felt disempowered, confused, uninspired, and lost. I was stuck in the karmic loop of life happening to me, instead of for me. Through my first Saturn Return and rediscovering my own spiritual gifts, I transformed my own life and became the cosmic teacher I am today at 34 years old. Through my own personal traumas and triumphs, I realized that being a creator of your own reality is a daily way of being, and everything you do has an effect on your ability to create the life you desire.


Prior to “remembering” my true life path and getting out of the corporate matrix, I worked for 10+ years in the digital marketing & content strategy space mainly in the beauty, luxury and lifestyle industries. I also hold a B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Psychology (2009) from the School of Business at SUNY New Paltz.

Through changing myself and understanding the divine feminine energy of my own Lilith in Leo placement in my first house of identity, I am now able help others. In my sessions, I work to identify subconscious blocks, uncover true passions, and am a catalyst for shifting and transforming my clients lives. My goal is to help you understand yourself and the universe on a deeper level so that you can successfully transform your OWN life and reality from the inside out.

To solidify my academic Astrological wisdom, I've studied under the guidance of veteran astrologists through the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), New York City Chapter and am NCGR PAA I. As an eternal cosmic student with three planets in the psychic sign of Scorpio, I naturally go beneath the surface with my clients in every session, using my natural intuition and magickal expertise.

My clientele includes people from all walks of life in the United States and Globally.

Are you ready to join our movement and change your life?


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How to integrate and transform your dark goddess energy to heal, manifest, and create your own reality.