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Meagan E.

My reading with Adama was amazing! Having felt a bit stuck in my life for a while, Adama's reading provided me with the validation and hope that I needed and I came out feeling more empowered and optimistic about my life and my future. She gave me greater insight into many of the things that I have been dealing with over the past year, and helped me understand why these patterns keep resurfacing. Since then, I have definitely felt a positive energetic shift, and I am excited to see what happens as her predictions continue to unfold. I would recommend her to anyone!


Tyra J.

In my first session with Adama she called out a negative pattern of behavior tied to my self worth. I rejected it in the moment but realized quickly that the immediate dismissal meant I needed to explore it more. This triggered a complete emotional transformation for me which was difficult to process the first month. But it honestly changed my life and how I view myself. 6 days after the 21 day meditation challenge, I manifested a dream apartment in my home city for my partner and I. I journaled daily that I wanted a place close to family, positive energy, safe and friendly neighbors, easy daily access to nature, natural light, and within our budget. Through my family network we found that place and made the decision to move in 3 days. I will absolutely continue this practice. I still have more growth to experience but I am a different person than I was in March.

Silvia S.

My experience with Adama was AMAZING. She was so on point that she knew more about my past than I did! We covered a lot about my childhood, which brought up a lot of suppressed emotions — things I totally forgot about until the reading. It provided a lot of healing for me. We also talked about my purpose in this life and how the fears I have are blocking me. So Adama provided her insight and ways to overcome it so that I can co-create the life I deserve and want! It was super helpful. I think what makes her reading so great are her perspectives and accuracy. I highly recommend!!

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