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Our private high-vibe spiritual alchemy & astrological community. Grow, shift, & manifest with us.


"If I wanted to describe Adama's work in a few words I would say 'conscious practical magick'. Adama is a great astrologer if you are looking for someone to help you on the path of awareness, particularly if you need someone who comes from a lens of understanding what it's like to belong to marginalized groups, and that we need to love and honor ourselves as the first step in the law of attraction."

- Venom S.

You are a powerful soul...

Transforming your own life with Magick is an inside job... Are you ready?

My name is Adama Sesay, Astrologist, Alchemist, and creator of The purpose of this community is to empower women through the deep understanding and knowledge of the cosmos, Lilith, and universal law. I invite you to start your journey of self-discovery and finding your true voice. 

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