Interesting and inspiring. Healing and revealing. Astrology can be all of those things and so much more. Lilith Astrology is a site designed to empower women and all genders with cosmic insight through weekly discussions, monthly horoscopes, and private readings. The name Lilith represents female empowerment, freedom, equality, sexual magnetism, and intuition. It’s also a placement in the Astrological chart called True Black Moon Lilith where your divine feminine power lies. Anyone can harness this power for improved self-awareness. 


Come to Lilith Astrology to explore the depths of your birth chart for greater understanding of your biggest challenges and opportunities in all aspects of life. Learn about your true passions, your purpose, and your natural talents. It’s all in your chart, waiting to be discovered and interpreted. The more you know, the more you grow.


Creator-in-Chief & Lead Astrologer

Prior to launching Lilith Astrology, Adama has worked for 10+ years in the digital marketing & content strategy space mainly in the beauty, luxury and lifestyle industries. She holds a B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Psychology from the School of Business at SUNY New Paltz (2009) and is a sought-after expert in web and social media business strategy.

Adama deeply studied astrology under the guidance of sought-after, veteran astrologists of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). As an eternal student of Astrology with three planets in the sign of Scorpio and True Black Moon Lilith in her 1st house of self, Adama naturally goes beneath the surface with her clients, using intuition and her expertise.

Her goal is to help clients understand themselves on a deeper level so that they can maximize each month’s planetary energy to successfully navigate their lives. She loves writing horoscopes, creating educational video content, analyzing astrological charts and will discuss current planetary transits with anyone who will listen.

Her clientele includes women from all walks of life in the United States and Globally. Adama lives in New York City's vibrant and creative East Village/LES neighborhood.

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