"In my first session with Adama, she called out a negative pattern of behavior tied to my self-worth. I rejected it in the moment but realized quickly that the immediate dismissal meant I needed to explore it more. This triggered a complete emotional transformation for me which was difficult to process the first month. But it honestly changed my life and how I view myself. 6 days after the 21-day meditation challenge, I manifested a dream apartment in my home city for my partner and me. I journaled daily that I wanted a place close to family, positive energy, safe and friendly neighbors, easy daily access to nature, natural light, and within our budget. Through my family network, we found that place and made the decision to move in 3 days. I will absolutely continue this practice. I still have more growth to experience but I am a different person than I was in March."

Tyra J.

"Overall, my experience with the birth chart reading was phenomenal. I have noticed changes in the way I think about my emotions and react to situations. Last year was challenging for many reasons, and having Jupiter in Capricorn made it particularly interesting. I have overcome so many challenges that I believe would have been much harder to face if I hadn't discovered Adama from Lilith Astrology. Becoming a member and having the birth chart reading was definitely one of the biggest highlights for me in 2020. I have learned about where I need to focus my energy, how to manifest and create my own reality, and the importance of a daily routine! Understanding what is going on in the cosmos and knowing what that means on an individual level and in the collective has really helped me build healthy relationships. Every month I look forward to the individual horoscopes Adama puts out for each sign - I am always watching with a notebook handy, ready to capture all of the key points. I LOVE everything Adama has to offer and I am so glad I became a member of Lilith Astrology."

Allyssa P.

"I have had about a month of listening to my weekly horoscope and watching different videos and one of the live streams. I also did a modified self-love challenge. My first exposure to Adama was watching the YouTube video that walked through all of the different houses of someone who has Sagittarius rising, and felt like I was getting so much useful information that I wanted more from Adama and decided to get a membership. She has an elegant way of distilling the astrological jargon into explanations that resonate with me... I am a trans person who lives in a femme body and is equally and fluidly masculine and feminine. I like that Adama uses the spelling 'womxn' since it helps me to feel included in a broader definition of the divine feminine. During the live stream, Adama was giving me LIFE when she was talking about the stress of walking around a big city as a femme.


If I wanted to describe Adama's work in a few words I would say 'conscious practical magick'. Adama is a great astrologer if you are looking for someone to help you on the path of awareness, particularly if you need someone who comes from a lens of understanding what it's like to belong to marginalized groups, and that we need to love and honor ourselves as the first step in the law of attraction."

Venom S.

"Adama has such a great energy and gave me a reading that affirmed both patterns from my childhood that can still have an impact on me today and confirmed my potential and natural abilities that I should continue to evolve for my purpose. If you're looking for greater self-awareness and understanding of patterns to overcome and talents to uncover, this is a great place to start!"

Christina B.

"Where do I even start!?! Working with Adama has literally changed my perception around astrology and manifestation. Yes, it’s astrology but she somehow makes it practical and easy to add to your daily life. Using just a few of her frequency building tips: daily meditation, scripting, journaling, other magical tips that you learn in the Magick Mystery Group and through a career reading; I’ve tripled my sales at a job that I’m 'meh' about but is now funding what I really want to do. Before I was barely getting people to answer my emails, now they keep coming in! It’s all about the inner work, perception shifts, and maintaining the high vibes. Once I committed to doing that it’s been exciting to see what is coming next! Adama is an excellent alchemist and teacher!"

Angela D.

"My experience with Adama was AMAZING. She was so on point that she knew more about my past than I did! We covered a lot about my childhood, which brought up a lot of suppressed emotions — things I totally forgot about until the reading. It provided a lot of healing for me. We also talked about my purpose in this life and how the fears I have are blocking me. So Adama provided her insight and ways to overcome it so that I can co-create the life I deserve and want! It was super helpful. I think what makes her reading so great are her perspectives and accuracy. I highly recommend!!"

Silvia S.

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