21 Days Magick Meditation Program

Use this challenge anytime you'd like to get a 21-day program introducing mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. You get daily prompts explaining how to do sitting meditation plus mindfulness checks at the end of each day. It takes 21 days to form new habits right? Jump right in!

One Payment Of $100

7 Day Magick Self Love Program

You are the most important person in this world! This practice and daily ritual will be for 7 days and can be repeated as necessary. When you love yourself, the universe will reflect this love directly back to you. You can then be in a divine feminine state of "being", versus having to work hard or "do". Side effects of this challenge is magnetism, joy, feeling abundance, and a higher state of bliss.

One Payment of $85

7 Day Shadow Work Program

A 7-day program to boost your frequency and vibration through shadow work. This allows areas of intense programming to start to dissolve. It allows you to stop, analyze your triggers, do the shadow work necessary around them and turn darkness into light. This is essentially a program rooted in the law of attraction and will allow you to start to make consciousness a natural part of your day. 

One Payment of $85

Did you know that all of these high vibe programs are INCLUDED in your membership at Black Moon Lilith Collective? Join the waiting list today, the tribe will reopen Leo season 2022!


Emily O.


My experience is always affirming with Adama. Before this past reading I was feeling some hesitation and confusion around a few professional and personal shifts. During the reading she explained timing and astrological shifts so perfectly that it sort of gave me the 'ok' to go with my intuition and slow things down. Now I'm feeling much more clear and prepared for what I'm launching next month and I was very well prepared for the chaos that happened in this last Mercury in Retrograde. I manifested peace in chaos because Adama helped me see what was coming. I'm so grateful for her guidance.


Christina B


Adama has such a great energy and gave me a reading that affirmed both patterns from my childhood that can still have an impact on me today and confirmed my potential and natural abilities that I should continue to evolve for my purpose. If you're looking for greater self awareness and understanding of patterns to overcome and talents to uncover, this is a great place to start!


Asia W.


This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! Adama was so easy to talk to you and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. She was able to answer all my questions, which I really appreciated since I am someone who is new to the study of astrology. I would recommend this reading to anyone and everyone. I feel a sense of clarity and understanding like never have before- THANK YOU ADAMA!

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