Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle & Black Moon Lilith Rising Book Pre-Order

announcements Apr 28, 2023
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Author: Adama Sesay

Exciting news, my fabulous Coven! The project I've been working on heavily behind the scenes will launch officially on October 3rd, 2023 of this year: Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle and Black Moon Lilith Rising: How to Unlock the Power of the Dark Divine Feminine Through Astrology. Both the book and oracle deck are being published through Hay House Inc in the US, UK, Australia, and India. They are now available for pre-order through the online stores listed below.

More locations and outlets will be announced when available if you prefer to support independent bookstores. Join our email list (form is at bottom of this page) to receive up-to-the-minute information. Below is where you can pre-order your copy now.

Book & Deck Pre-Order Information

Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle Cards
Amazon (US)
Barnes & Noble (US)
Waterstones (UK)

Black Moon Lilith Rising: How to Unlock the Power of the Dark Divine Feminine Through Astrology
Amazon (US)
Barnes & Noble (US)
Waterstones (UK)

Horoscope & Content Update

You may also be asking, "Where is my monthly horoscope and new content on The Coven?" It is time for a rebranding, and I am stepping away from posting for a bit to do this. I am taking time to craft and create content with my team in alignment with the release of these exciting new projects. We are moving away from horoscopes and transit reports towards new empowering content aligning more with Lilith, the dark feminine, dark masculine, shadow work, alchemy, tarot, astrology, spirituality, and more.

I will no longer be posting timely horoscopes publicly; they are now only available to our cherished tribe members on Black Moon Lilith Collective. I encourage you to check out and join my empowering private community to stay up to date on the transits ahead.

I will also be periodically opening my calendar throughout the year for private consultations. If you are inspired to have some personal time with me, you can reserve your spot using my booking system here on


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