❤️ The Coven Is Now the New Black Moon Lilith Collective

announcements Aug 22, 2023

Author: Adama Sesay

Change is a constant companion on our journey through life, and just like the cosmos, so too must our endeavors evolve. It is with great excitement that I share the reasons behind the transformation of LilithAstrology.com, a shift from the paid private Black Moon Lilith Collective to a more expansive and free community experience. 

Inclusivity and Accessibility

The decision to make LilithAstrology.com's content free was driven by a deep desire to extend my wisdom to all, regardless of financial limitations. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the cosmic energies that shape our lives, and breaking down barriers to access is a step towards achieving that goal. While we will of course continue to sell paid programs, private consultations, book, oracle deck, and products, we simultaneously will be providing this thriving free content library in service to the collective. Our website, podcast, and social media channels will serve as the central hub of this fabulously free esoteric digital universe.

Building a Thriving Community

My connection with the wonderful community that has grown around LilithAstrology.com has been truly inspiring. This shift to a more interactive and collaborative platform is fueled by the desire to empower others on a larger scale. The beauty of astrology lies not just in receiving information, but in sharing experiences and insights with others who are on a similar journey. This transformation will create a space where me, contributors and our readers alike can actively participate through comments, exchange ideas, and learn from each other, enriching our understanding of astrology, tarot, esoteric knowledge, and the enigmatic Lilith. 


A Glimpse of What's to Come

As we embark on this new chapter, I'm excited to share that LilithAstrology.com will offer a broad spectrum of content, from astrology, tarot, to esoteric insights and empowering reflections on Lilith's dark feminine energy. I plan on hosting free webinars and workshops with special guests as well as a plethora of solo courses. Whether you're an astrology aficionado, a tarot enthusiast, or someone seeking to unravel the mysteries of Lilith's influence, you'll find content that resonates with you.


This shift from a paid model to a free and community-centered experience is a reflection of my dedication to sharing the transformative power of astrology, tarot, esoteric knowledge, and the enigmatic Lilith. I invite you to join me and other contributors on this journey of exploration, learning, and growth. Together, we'll uncover the hidden truths of the cosmos and discover how they mirror the limitless potential within each of us. Welcome to a new era of empowerment and unity at LilithAstrology.com my beautiful tribe! More to come soon...


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