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❤️ Hello Beloved Coven,

This is the time of year to put in the work and persistence required to make your vision a reality. I’m so thrilled to be moving into such a pivotal time of the year. Virgo energy is all about the details, purging, and cleansing in order to make the most empowered move forward.

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September 3 - Mars retrograde in Gemini shadow period starts

September 5 - Venus enters Virgo

September 9 - Mercury retrograde in Libra

September 10 - Full Moon in Pisces (5:58 am edt)

September 22 - Sun enters Libra & Fall Equinox

September 23 - Mercury retrograde enters Virgo

September 25 - New Moon in Libra (5:54 pm edt)

September 29 - Venus enters Libra



Welcome to September, the summer is winding down and we enter the fall season. This is when the sun transitions out of the vibrant energy of fiery Leo and takes on a serious tone in the grounded earth sign of Virgo. It’s important to keep in mind that this section is a general transit forecast for the global collective. Take what resonates for you, and leave what doesn’t, as it will apply to someone else. Please also reference the section below this one if you’re interested in a zodiac sign specific forecast. As always if you’d like a personalized reading from me, please book a consultation. 

This September, Virgo season is calling for a major cleansing, reorganization, and decluttering internally, physically and energetically. The month kicks off with Mars starting its pre-retrograde shadow period in the communication sign of Gemini on September 3. Mars is the ancient Roman divine masculine god of war, and in astrology it manifests as action, our drive, energy, passion, and sexual desire. When moving through the sign of Gemini this month, it will encourage us to speak our truth, and empower us to move towards what is aligned for our lives. Since we are in the shadow phase, it's also important to be aware of fighting words, petty gossip, and feeling more lethargic than usual. 

This is setting the energetic stage for the official start to Mars retrograde on October 30. Mars retrograde occurs approximately every two years and lasts for around two and a half months. The last time we experienced a Mars retrograde in Gemini transit was from December 2007 through January 2008. On a collective level, this is when the Great Recession kicked off in the United States, naturally affecting the global economy. I will discuss this transit in greater detail next month. 

While there are other cosmic factors that triggered this major world event, it’s important to note and I’m curious to see how this will manifest for the world this fall and winter. The Mars retrograde shadow period in September is the perfect time to prepare by reflecting on what you personally experienced in 2007-2008 and what themes played out for you. Identify important lessons from the past, and what is best for you to release in the present.

On September 5, Venus (the planet ruling over contracts, love, relationships, femininity, and the law) moves into its fall position in Virgo. Venus loves carefree pleasure and romance – while Virgo is a practical and calculated sign. Therefore, the cosmic love goddess is not so comfortable. As a result, we will experience an uncomfortable deep cleaning (especially with Mercury retrograde in the mix) in these “Venus-related” areas of life. The health and well-being of the collective will also be a major focus - especially in terms of the pandemic as we head into the Fall season. 

Soon after, Mercury, the planet ruling over our communication, thought, and mental energy will begin its retrograde period in Libra on September 9. This will give us a total of 7 retrograde planets (and an asteroid) this month – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Libra is the sign of relationships, contracts, agreements, justice, equality, beauty, and love. This specific period will be about rewriting the communication dynamic in your relationships, and alchemizing limiting shadows around this area of life. Some of you may end difficult contracts or feel the need to shift collaborations with others. On a collective level, the discussion of justice, the law, and its application in society could come up for renegotiation. As we all know some laws don’t apply to the elites and top 1% compared to the rest of us common folks in the collective. 

Just like you would stay inside for shelter during a lightning storm – it’s important not to fear Mercury retrograde and align with its cosmic purpose. As I always say in my professional astrological opinion: no, it’s not the best time to start new contracts, initiatives, new relationships, or have important conversations. I implement this in my own life! Of course, life must go on and you may have to, but making informed decisions and steps forward is key – don’t rush into things.  Instead of moving full steam ahead – this is an astrological period dedicated to slowing down, moving inward, revising, editing, and taking a new approach to the relationships in your life. 

We also have a revealing Full Moon occurring in watery sign of Pisces on September 10. The Pisces moon will connect with Neptune retrograde and form an opposition with the sun and Venus in Virgo. The full moon is also forming a transformative and challenging connection with Mars in Gemini. So, what do these planetary connections mean for this Full Moon? Hidden information will come to light, sparking us to take action and make change in our own lives. On a collective level, new facts regarding public health and well-being will be released; especially for the divine feminine. This is also a time to heal and purge what has been unhealthy energetically or physically for you.

Libra season begins on September 22, officially initiating the start of the Fall Equinox. The month also finishes with the new moon in Libra on September 23 – it will form a transformative connection with the rebellious goddess Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Expect rebellion and a new mindset when it comes to your worth in relationships -- it’s time to honor your emotions and leave who or what is not. Venus, the ruler of Libra, will move into her home sign of Libra on September 29, bringing positive energy after a month of relational storms. This will trigger a new perspective when it comes to the balance within our relationships after a month of transforming and cleansing old patterns. 



If you are new to my horoscopes, here is how to read yours below. My horoscopes are most accurate if read for your rising sign. Let’s normalize knowing and understanding what our sun AND rising signs are! Finding your rising sign requires you to know your exact birth time. Try our favorite free birth chart calculator to identify your rising and sun signs. 

If you don’t know your birth time, you can just read your sun sign. Your sun sign is based on just the date of your birth, and you can find yours via the table below. 

For example: if you are an Aries rising but have a Scorpio sun – read both the Aries and Scorpio rising forecasts below! 



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It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, Aries! September is a serious month for you to put in the work when it comes to the lofty goals you’ve set for yourself. As the month kicks off, you may feel like you have too much on your plate – the universe is encouraging you to relinquish control and delegate. Be aware of miscommunication, delayed timelines, and fellow workers leaving your team this month. Pay attention to the energy and intentions of those you bring on board to work with you – ensure that they truly have your best interest at heart. 

As the month wraps up, the new moon in Libra is initiating new beginnings in your partnership sector. For some Aries this can be around love and relationships – for others, new contracts and business collaborations can come to the forefront. Be aware that the scales are balanced, and you are receiving exactly what you’re worth. People only can take advantage of you if you let them! 



Your creativity is in the spotlight for you this month, Taurus. At the beginning of the month, Mercury retrograde and the Virgo sun will push you to reassess important projects or your creative vision. Expect delays, and the need to look at important details you may have missed in the past. New work opportunities can also come up for you through your network this month – but of course, read the fine print and make informed decisions as it’s Mercury retrograde. 

Another major theme in September is your friendship circle and who you surround yourself with. A difficult situation can arise that triggers you to make a change towards a tribe that values your worth. This also can be a month where a sudden expense can cause you to spend money that you didn’t plan on. While this can feel draining, this will encourage you to rethink your budget and change how you’re managing your finances. 



Virgo season is initiating a time to clear out the clutter personally and at home or in your family life dear Gemini. For many of you this could mean physically removing clutter and organizing your space. For other Twins, this can mean shifting ancestral patterns, family challenges, or limiting emotional baggage. This is due to the cosmic organization energy of the Virgo sun and Mercury retrograde moving through your fourth house of home, family, and emotions throughout the month.

Self- empowerment is another prominent theme for you Gemini. Mars, the planet of drive, will be moving through your first house of self in your sign. This transit is motivating you to step more into the truth of who you are as the cosmic communication genius. A new writing project, or opportunity in marketing can give you the opportunity to showcase your talent. It’s important to be aware of miscommunication, petty gossip, or errors this month though. Mars is in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, and your planetary ruler Mercury is in full retrograde mode!



This will be a month full of intense work for you Cancer, most specifically if you are in the communications, marketing or publishing fields. This is due to the Virgo energy moving through your third house. Siblings and short-distance travel can also be a focus and top of mind if this applies to you. One thing I must alert you of my dear Cancer, is miscommunication, misleading documents and arguments with Mercury retrograde also in this area of your life. Remember to pause, read thoroughly and curb your reactions. Patience is key this month.

At the end of the month when Libra season begins, family matters and your emotional world will step into the forefront. Mercury retrograde and the Libra new moon will activate this area of your life. This is marking a time where you will release old family or ancestral patterns that have held you back emotionally, especially around important relationships. You also could be making changes to your household or experiencing shifts in your private sanctuary. 



Money and your self-worth will be in the energetic spotlight for you the first half of September, Lion. The universe will push you to review finances and do the shadow work around money. This is because of the sun, and Venus in Virgo moving through your second house of earned income. Money is not just physical, it’s also spiritual. When you heal your relationship with it, you raise your frequency to a vibration that will attract it. You also could revise your budget; change how you earn your money and shift how your money is organized for the better. 

Later in the month, an existing document or business partnership could be restructured. This will be triggered by the new moon in Libra on September 25. The change may be the result of hidden information coming to light or a difficult disagreement. It’s important to take your time when communicating with others, and if you must sign anything to read the fine print. There could be conflict with siblings if applicable to your life. All will start to resolve itself in October. 



Happy Virgo season! This is when the sun is illuminating you as a person, and it’s all about self-empowerment for you. As the month begins, you will be cleansing and shifting what no longer serves you personally. This could be your career, life path, and how people see you. Perhaps you’ve been overly critical of yourself due to others opinion of you? You will feel the desire to shed all of that and step into your true self. This is due to not only the sun but Mercury retrograde and Venus in Virgo. 

As the month ends, your money and finances will step into the forefront during the new moon in Libra on September 25. Expect positive progress in the realm of your career currently. Opportunities from the past could come back around and encourage you to make a change. It’s also important to be aware that it is Mercury retrograde, so taking a moment to really review contracts is key. Don’t rush into anything but move towards what lights your soul on fire.



It’s time to clear out the energetic cobwebs this month, Libra. As September begins, the Virgo sun will illuminate your subconscious twelfth house. Prepare for ancestral healing and cleansing negative self-talk that has affected your work and possibly physical health. It’s time to empower yourself this month. Be aware of conflict with others, especially in career matters with Mercury’s harsh connection with Black Moon Lilith in Cancer currently in your tenth house of career.  

On September 22, your season begins when the sun moves into the sign of Libra! This is when the sun will shine and illuminate you as a person. This is a time of self-empowerment. Some of you will feel the need to travel for your birthday or allow yourself to indulge in life’s pleasures. This is due to the new moon in Libra on September 25, and your planetary ruler Venus moving into your sign shortly after on September 29. You are shifting your mindset around relationships, your worth, and what makes you feel balanced. It’s time to focus on you, dear Libra. 



You are extremely discerning when it comes to who you keep in your inner circle Scorpio. Expect the security around your network to tighten up even more this month. This is due to Mercury retrograde and Venus moving through your eleventh house of groups, friends, and your network. You are clearing out who doesn’t truly have your best interest at heart and creating room for those that do. This is also the area of life ruling over the internet and your dreams. 

As the month progresses, your creativity will be key during the Pisces full moon on September tenth. Many of you will change your creative vision and how you express yourself to the world. Some of you could re-think this, and really put in the work required to make those dreams come true. For other Scorpions, fertility matters or changes in the lives of your children can also come up. It’s also important to be aware of hidden information coming to the surface this month during Mercury retrograde. Make the right choice forward based on the truth. 



Your career will experience a complete overhaul this month, Sagittarius. Get ready to put in the work, and rethink how you show up in your professional world. The Virgo sun and Venus will energize this area of your life as the month begins, encouraging you to look at the details. Where are you not fulfilled? What’s no longer serving you? The cosmos are asking for you to shift based on the answers to these important questions. 

Relationship breakdowns and miscommunications can also be present so it’s important to be aware of this. Mercury retrograde in Libra will be dredging all of this up in your eleventh house of groups and connections. I want to alert you to this and encourage presence when you are communicating with others. Business partnerships can feel challenging at this time too. Take a moment to pause, re-read important texts, emails, or step away when you feel things getting heated. 



Work will be top of mind (but this is where you shine) during September, Capricorn. New tasks, team members, and schedule changes can leave you feeling a bit lethargic as the month kicks off. This is due to Mars in Gemini in its retrograde shadow period in your sixth house of work and routine. Be aware of conflict with colleagues and take the extra step to use patience this month. Gossip would best be avoided and taking time to explain to others is key. 

On top of this, Mercury retrograde in Libra will be moving through your tenth house of career for most of the month. This is causing you to re-think professional relationships and what’s truly balanced for you. Conflict happens for a reason and will show you what changes must be made for you to be more in alignment. Some Capricorns could work with others from another country or need to travel. Be aware that it is Mercury retrograde, take your time and prepare for delays. 



Virgo season is highlighting your shared resources, debts, loans, and investments. While this can seem heavy, it’s time to release and remove financial habits that are not serving this area of your life. For some Aquarians this could be refinancing or dealing with credit card debt. For others, this can be coordinating an inheritance. While it can seem overwhelming for you right now, the changes you implement will help you in the long run. 

Towards the end of the month, the new moon in Libra on September 25 is in your travel and legal sector. Some of you will travel globally or focus on an important legal matter. The good news is that soon after, Venus moves into Libra, bringing positivity into the situation on September 29. Take time to enjoy life, learn about new cultures while also remaining optimistic this month!



This September, relationships and partnership will be a major focus for you Pisces. The Virgo sun will illuminate your seventh house, and the planet of love, Venus. Where have you not balanced your needs with others? Are you still subscribing to old ways of navigating love? The universe is calling for you to do the shadow work around this and change what is truly not aligning with you. Not only is this around love, but business relationships and contracts. 

Moving, the home, and family will be top of mind for many Pisces. This is due to Mars in Gemini in this area of your life. You may experience difficulties with those you live with, pushing you to make a plan to change your home. For others, family conflict can also be a focus. The cosmos is encouraging you to release old ancestral patterns that have negatively affected you emotionally. It’s time to release, so that you can receive. 

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