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monthly horoscopes May 12, 2022

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The Mercury retrograde shadow period is chaotic—so of course the horoscopes this month are a little late! It’s for good reason, though: toward the end of April, I was laser-focused on finishing up a major Lilith project. I’m so, so, SO excited to have finally sent over my manuscript for the upcoming Black Moon Lilith™ Cosmic Alchemy Cards, tentatively launching Fall 2023 at HayHouse Inc. I elected (of course, LOL) to hand it in on the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th. It was a fabulous astrological day for initiating new spiritual-related ventures.

I can’t wait until all of you can take home the empowering Astrology and Alchemy of Black Moon Lilith and incorporate it into your daily spiritual practice. Now, my main focus will shift to the Black Moon Lilith Rising™ book manuscript due this September! In the meantime, don’t forget to join my email list to receive not only my free guide to Black Moon Lilith, but also hear about what’s new, launching, and cosmically fresh at LilithAstrology.com! There’s a form right at the bottom of this page—I invite you to fill it out and join the email tribe.

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Monday May 2, 2022 - Venus enters Aries
Tuesday May 10, 2022 - Mercury retrograde in Gemini starts
Tuesday May 10, 2022 - Jupiter in Aries
Monday May 16, 2022 - Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
Friday May 20, 2022 - Gemini Season
Monday May 23, 2022 - Mercury retrograde moves into Taurus
Tuesday May 24, 2022 - Mars in Aries
Saturday May 28, 2022 - Venus enters Taurus
Monday May 30, 2022 - New Moon in Gemini


Wow, what a month so far—the Taurus and Scorpio eclipse season, Mercury retrograde, AND Jupiter moves into Aries! With all these events, May is filled with personal growth, sudden change, transition, manifestation, and internal transformation. This month is like a mixed bag of emotions. One day, you will feel empowered, motivated and energized. The next day could bring inner tension, and past shadows will resurface to be healed. Ultimately, this is a time of transition away from what is limiting you in order to activate the abundance you deserve from the Universe.

The month kicked off with Venus—the planetary goddess ruling femininity, justice, the court system, relationships, finances, and love—moving into its detriment in the sign of Aries on May 2nd. As a zodiac sign ruled by Mars, Aries represents battles, war, the self, independence, and autonomy. Venus took on that Martian energy when she moved into this passionate fire sign. In astrology, detriment is also an extremely uncomfortable place for a planet to be in. It’s important to consider that factor when interpreting transits! Detriment indicates shadows, challenging events, or difficulty. For example: documents stating that Roe v. Wade could risk being overturned were leaked to Politico on May 2nd, literally the same day this planetary shift occurred!

After this shocking leak, I took a look at the event chart of Roe v. Wade on the date of its inception (January 22, 1973). This revealed a fascinating astrological explanation for this change. We are experiencing the Chiron return of this ruling: an event that occurs every 46-52 years, when Chiron returns to the degree it was when you were born, a country was founded, or an event occurred. Chiron (indicating wounds, healers, and trauma) was also in Aries back when Roe v. Wade passed at 13 degrees. Now, Chiron is at 14 degrees—less than a degree from where it was 45 years ago! The Chiron return has brought up any remaining wounds, unaddressed trauma, and difficulties in order to initiate healing.

Not only is this transit bringing up Roe v. Wade on a collective scale; you will also experience its effects on a personal level. This can involve revisiting your financial strategies, to navigating discord in relationships and business-related partnerships. Depending on your zodiac sign (view below), this is a time to reassert yourself in situations that are imbalanced. While this can leave you feeling uncomfortable at times, we will experience movement toward the end of the month until May 28th, when Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus.

Mercury retrograde will officially kick off in the mutable air sign of Gemini on May 10th. Mercury rules over Gemini, making this transit extra potent—we are really going to feel the effects! Mercury is the planet of communication, thought, documents, writing, texting, email, short-distance travel, and the media. To state the obvious, all these facets of life can go a little haywire. During this time, people, places, and things from the past can also resurface in order for us to resolve them. What we’ve left unattended can come back in order for us to heal.

Lateness, mistakes, and miscommunication will run rampant in this period. So, practicing patience and taking your time is the best way forward. Mercury retrograde will last until June 3rd, but keep in mind that there is a shadow period that will last until June 18th. If you can (and yes, I know some things can’t wait), hold off on important contracts, documents, or launches until after that date. Another important note: if you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, the effect is the reverse. You may actually feel a sense of clarity during this time.

Also on May 10th, Jupiter—the planet of growth, expansion, and luck—will move into the self-oriented sign of Aries. For some of you, this signals the beginning of your Jupiter Return: a lucky growth spurt that occurs once every 12 years. Check your individual birth chart to know if this applies to you. I created a horoscope workshop about Jupiter in Aries available for free on YouTube. Take a peek below for a more in-depth look at this planetary shift.

Shortly after this event, the second and final eclipse of this season occurs in the sign of Scorpio on May 16th. This is a total lunar eclipse (also a super blood moon) which means that the sun, moon, and Earth are in exact alignment with each other, giving the moon a bright reddish hue. The Scorpio moon is in its fall position (uncomfortable!) and will form a challenging connection with Saturn in Aquarius. The lunar eclipse will also receive support from Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Translation: we can expect difficult changes, endings, and the need to purge shadows that have been blocking our light. While this period can feel challenging, it’s a necessary step toward creating space for what’s better in the long run.

Gemini season begins on May 20th, when the sun moves into the social and chatty air sign. This occurs as we begin to move into the warmer months in the northern hemisphere. As the month comes to a close, there is also a New Moon in Gemini on May 30th. Everything that you have revised, edited, or rehashed during Mercury retrograde this month will come to a head around this time. Expect new beginnings in mindset, business plans, friendships, and communication with others.


This is a general horoscope for the collective zodiac signs—not for your specific chart. Take what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t. Don’t forget to read your sun, moon, and rising sign below for a more holistic energetic forecast of the month ahead.
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A pro-tip: read your partners, colleagues, friends, or family members' signs to get a glance into their world this month, too.

Aries Affirmation: As I grow and expand, I will not allow the past to dim my light.

This is a month of positive (yet uncomfortable) personal growth for you, Aries. While it may seem frustrating, May is your opportunity to purge old shadows like limiting beliefs, patterns, and realities that are blocking your leading light. The most positive planets in astrology, Venus and Jupiter, will be moving through your sign this month, acting as a gateway to your potential growth in the second half of the year. In order to reach this expansion and abundance, allow yourself to remove people, places, or habits that are holding you back from claiming and manifesting that prosperity.

Eclipse season is centered around shifting your income, finances, debts, inheritances, and shared resources. Over the next six months, your worth, value, and how you manage this area of your life will dramatically change. Old money beliefs like fear and lacking can also be triggered and released, making space for financial growth. Thanks to Mercury retrograde, communication can also get confusing for you regarding things like important contracts and documents. It’s important to take your time with new decisions, and use discernment.

Taurus Affirmation: I am aligning myself with who I truly am!

This month’s eclipse season is all about major personal shifts, change, and life transitions for you, Taurus. After all, both lunar events are occurring in your zodiac sign! This only occurs once every 19 years, and signals upheaval and transformation around your relationships, contracts, and agreements. Your professional life and career are also on deck—expect opportunities to break through and transform you into a more authentic version of yourself. For some Taureans, serious love interest could also evolve to more of a commitment.

In the month of May, you are healing limiting beliefs and addressing ancestral trauma around your independence and leadership. Venus in Aries and Mercury retrograde will influence this internal focus. As a relationship- and stability-driven sign, reasserting this side of yourself can feel difficult, and you may lean on others for support. While these changes are internal, they will be reflected in your work life, daily routine, and self-care. It’s time to be the leader and decide who YOU are, versus what’s comfortable for everyone else around you.

Gemini Affirmation: I am cleansing any limiting beliefs in order to manifest what I deserve.

As the month kicks off for you, Gemini, your mindset will move into the energetic spotlight. This is thanks to the Taurus and Scorpio eclipse cycles—events that bring internal transformation and change. You will see an evolution around your self-worth, value, relationships with others, and how you cultivate abundance. During this new eclipse window, the next six months will encourage Geminis to change how they structure their work day, eating habits, wellness, and health. Moving can also be on the horizon for some Twins, potentially to a far location.

Mercury retrograde also begins mid-month in your sign, signaling a time of revision, restructuring, and self-recalibration. I’m highlighting this for you because it affects you the most out of other zodiac signs—Mercury is your planetary ruler! Expect some fog around communication with others, especially in the realm of your career and professional life. There is a new moon in Gemini at the end of the month, revealing truths and encouraging you to clean up your network, friendships, and acquaintances. You are also stepping into self-empowerment; as such, using the law of attraction is incredibly powerful for you this month.

Cancer Affirmation: I’m embracing my unique self-expression. The world needs my gifts.

Cancer, it’s time to experience a creative and professional evolution this month. Eclipse season is activating and transforming your self-expression, social network, future hopes, and wishes. In May, a unique project or idea can come up for many Cancers. During this new eclipse portal, the next six months will be focused on abundant new opportunities, collaborations and ventures. Opportunities can also come through your personal network, so keep your ear to the ground and seek connection with others. For some Cancers, fertility matters are also a part of this story!

May is also a positive time for your career—but not without the need to revise and clean up first. The two benefic planets in astrology (Venus and Jupiter) are in Aries, bringing luck and expansion to your professional tenth house. However, the caveat is that Venus is in its detriment with Chiron in the mix. New opportunities can give you the platform to lead and be the center of attention, helping you to heal and release fear. Remember to have faith in what you have to offer!

Leo Affirmation: I welcome and embrace change with open arms.

Your star is rising this month, Leo! The Taurus and Scorpio eclipses this month are centered in the area of your career, professional status, family, and home. Thanks to this new eclipse portal, you can expect more evolution, transition, and change in those areas of your life over the next six months. New professional opportunities, moving homes, and breakthroughs around family matters are all in the stars for you, Leo. It’s time to change your foundation to establish a more aligned future.

Legal matters, travel, expanding your knowledge, and spiritual healing can all be a focus for you this month, too. This is because Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron are moving through Aries in your ninth house. Beware of miscommunication online, in social media, or with friends—Mercury retrograde in Gemini can exacerbate frustration in this area of your life. Take a moment to allow sensitive texts or messages to sit as a draft before hitting send!

Virgo Affirmation: As I expand my mind, my opportunities expand with it.

Virgo, it’s time to share your knowledge and wisdom with the world. In May, eclipse season will further initiate changes in the area of teaching, spirituality, international travel, and philosophy. New certification courses, educational opportunities, or the idea to travel can all pop up into your life over the next six months of this new eclipse cycle. Virgo placements typically shy away from stepping out of their comfort zone—but May is encouraging you to embrace discomfort and expand your horizons!

This month, it’s important to note that Mercury retrograde will also impact the area of your career, professional status, social network, future hopes, and dreams. You may encounter some frustrating hang-ups, delays, and confusion around these areas of your life. But ultimately, these will encourage you to review, change, and clean up what is no longer working for you. Old friends and connections can also appear, reigniting old conversations and ideas. Since Mercury is your planetary ruler, its retrograde cycle can affect you more than the rest of the zodiac. Take precautions with patience, take your time when communicating with others, and revise things that no longer are working for you.

Libra Affirmation: I deserve and attract wealthy, joy, and abundance.

Finances, shared resources, debts, loans, investments, and your money are in the forefront for Libras this month. Some of you may shift how you earn an income or create a plan to resolve debt, while others could even tie the knot. On the opposite end of the spectrum, others could even experience divorce. The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle we’re experiencing now is kicking these changes off, manifesting them over the next six months.

You are the sign representing relationships, making this an incredibly important facet of your life. Venus, your planetary ruler, is feeling discomfort in Aries for most of the month. This could bring up your value and where you haven’t advocated for yourself in partnerships. This transit can push you to re-evaluate, shift, and rethink how you collaborate with others on a work level. Alternatively, it may change how you navigate the important love relationships in your life.

Scorpio Affirmation: I take care of my money, and in return, it takes care of me.

Another transformative month is in the stars for you, Scorpio! You are the star of the show this eclipse season, with the upcoming total lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign. Eclipses signal complete life change—and believe me, your life won’t look the same after this 18-month cycle. Prepare yourself for personal shifts as well as transformation in the area of love, relationships, and business partnerships.

On top of this, you also can take time to look at your finances during Mercury retrograde this month. Where have you not budgeted, or where are you overspending? It’s time to rethink and adjust what is no longer working financially for you. Work relationships can also come into the forefront this month, so beware of power struggles or challenges with leadership. Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries will be moving through this area of your life—be mindful of this moving forward!

Sagittarius Affirmation: I am healing and releasing the past.

This is a big month of shadow work for you, my lovely Sagittarians. While you are one of the most optimistic zodiac signs, you may feel some emotional ups and downs in May. Don’t worry, this will pass; but in order to move forward, you must shed what has been draining you. This is triggered by eclipse season, occurring in your twelfth house of the subconscious and sixth house of health, work, and wellness. The universe is bringing your attention to your internal well-being, and how you can balance your daily life for a healthier outcome.

In the latter half of May, relationships are also going to be in the healing spotlight due to Mercury retrograde in Gemini. It’s time for a new mindset! Establish truthful communication with yourself on who or what is necessary in your life. You can also experience miscommunication and confusion in this area of life—so practicing patience with others is key. As Mercury makes its move backwards, you also may receive a blast from the past. You could hear from an ex, or that work contract can resurface for you to resolve.

Capricorn Affirmation: Change is good. I am creating space for growth.

Capricorn, May is shining a spotlight on your creativity and inspiring a change in your future hopes and dreams. The Taurus-Scorpio eclipses will kick off this transformation for a new six-month eclipse cycle. New projects and opportunities for investments could come up for some Capricorns. This area of life also rules children and fertility, so others could experience matters related to this. Take this time to establish a new vision for your future!

This is also the time to clean up your work, routine, and how you manage your day. Perhaps you’re realizing certain members of your team need to change, or you could change where you work. Frustration could push you to change the structure of your day for the better. Keep in mind that it’s Mercury retrograde—so take a breath before making heavy decisions or sending that important message!

Aquarius Affirmation: Change is creating space for new opportunity

The home, career, and family are in the energetic spotlight for you this month, Aquarius! In fact, May is the start of a six-month eclipse cycle of changes surrounding those areas of life. Expect things like moving, family shifts, and the need to change your life path. Ancestral healing and shadow clearing are incredibly powerful during this time, too.

Romances from the past can also return; alternatively, you may experience communication breakdowns with others this month. This is due to Mercury retrograde in Gemini, and Venus in detriment in Aries. Navigate situations with care, and ask yourself if it’s worth reopening an old door. Pay close attention when drafting important documents or contracts this month. Before jumping into anything new, help yourself by resolving the past, editing, and identifying how you can shift in the future.

Pisces Affirmation: My truth and wisdom provide value to others.

Eclipse season kicks off this month in your third and ninth houses, Pisces. If you work in the marketing or writing fields, you can experience shifts in the direction of your larger message. New opportunities to learn or share knowledge (such as publishing) can also come up at this time. Some Pisces could move back to their hometown or reconnect with people from their past.

For Pisces, May is also about reclaiming your worth! New financial opportunities can appear thanks to both benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, traveling to Aries in your second house of earned income. Tension may also surface around finances thanks to this transit—but this only is encouraging you to make a change for the better. You can expect things to financially improve towards the end of the month!


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