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monthly horoscopes Jul 02, 2022
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Hello Beloved Coven,

I hope my monthly letter finds you well. With this message, my intent is to share my passion for Lilith and give my thoughts about the state of our world. Truthfully, we are in dark times. I say “dark times” because Mother Gaia is purging evil; she is revealing the truth about the oppressive power structures of our global society. It’s okay to be fearful—not only of this collective darkness, but of your own shadow self. Throughout my life, I have learned that the most powerful magic can be created in the dark. Here at Lilith Astrology, I teach the power of facing your dark energy and using your shadow to manifest your own reality.

The divine feminine is associated with the dark—it is stepping into its rightful place of leadership in the world. This month, Black Moon Lilith in Cancer will be activated during Cancer season. It will bring the warrior mothers, high priestesses, and walking goddesses to the forefront, enabling them to fight back. This will be evident in the media, world events, and our everyday lives. The moon will emerge to reflect her nurturing light this month; we have an impactful Capricorn full moon on July 13th.

Cancer is the archetypal matriarch of the zodiac, with its opposite sign, Capricorn, as the patriarch. Its polarity represents tradition, structure, authority and ancestry. For the collective, this full moon will reveal matters around these areas of life. This is a moment for healing mother wounds, as well as focusing on family and the home. Many will step into their power, construct boundaries, and release old emotional baggage that no longer serves.

Stand firm—do not be afraid of this darkness. The story of Lilith informs us to embrace the dark and use it to affect change in this world. We are in the midst of the United States Pluto return this year, and also the final degrees of Pluto in Capricorn. These changes will affect the entire world.

Our world’s wealth inequality is astounding. Very few titans monopolize the top, leaving the rest of us to suffer at the bottom. Reproductive rights are being stripped away; the black femicide rate is now 1 in every 5 hours; and we are heading into a recession in the US. We are grappling with a climate crisis, a war, and heading into a food emergency in many impoverished nations. The destruction of Mother Earth has been ongoing for hundreds of years. But now, in the age of information, everything is transparent. The chaos is unfurling before our eyes. With our newfound awareness, the divine feminine will lead the charge in navigating away from this destructive course. This will be especially apparent as we move into Pluto in Aquarius in 2023.

My intention is to provide light, wisdom, and astrological guidance through these dark times with my work. I created LilithAstrology.com to share the esoteric knowledge of astrology with Black Moon Lilith as my vessel. As a black woman, I know the demonization that Lilith faced firsthand. I’ve heard stories about or witnessed my great grandmothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mother go through situations that mimic the story of Lilith. Lilith—whose plight is reminiscent of women in the African diaspora—can be a source of wisdom for humanity itself, not just women.

Intersectionality teaches us that when we address the rights of black women, the most demonized and oppressed people on the planet, we take care of everyone. Astrology is a naturally healing tool; therefore, I believe the entire world can heal through understanding Lilith’s archetype and how it applies to their daily lives. Through my experience as a black woman and having to alchemize the generational trauma that comes with it, I say this. We can find the solution to help all of humanity ascend from the destructive, dehumanizing control structures that have ruled this planet for too long.

Before I go, I also want to remind you that the Black Moon Lilith™ Collective tribe is opening for enrollment on July 23. My intention for this online tribe is to be a safe space, empowering your daily spiritual practice. I only open this up once per year during Leo season. This is my exclusive online streaming platform dedicated to horoscopes, workshops, and programs designed to uplift the collective. If you love Lilith Astrology and want to dive deeper with hundreds of hours of premium content, join the waiting list here. You will receive an alert as soon as the doors open.

Sending love and empowerment,

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Tuesday July 5 - Mars enters Taurus
Tuesday July 5 - Mercury enters Cancer
Wednesday July 13 - Full Moon in Capricorn
Sunday July 17 - Venus enters Cancer
Tuesday July 19 - Mercury enters Leo
Tuesday July 19 - Chiron retrograde in Aries
Friday July 22 - Leo season begins
Thursday July 28 - New Moon in Leo
Thursday July 28 - Jupiter retrograde begins in Aries


Dear collective, welcome to the month of July. It’s important to note that section is a general transit forecast for the global collective. Take what resonates for you and leave what doesn’t—as it will apply to someone else. Please reference the section below this one if you’re interested in a zodiac sign specific forecast. Lastly, if you’d like a personalized reading from me, please visit consultations.

We are in the thick of an emotionally charged Cancer season, and this month kicks off with a heavy release. July is full of energetic purging, sudden changes, and heated rebellion. For many of you, old emotional baggage and unaddressed trauma will resurface. Much of the collective will also face ancestral shadows, family issues, and matters involving the home. Cancer is a cardinal water sign that leads with emotional intelligence, intuition, nurturing, and spiritual instincts. Many will describe Cancer as sweet and nurturing; but at LilithAstrology.com, we know that there is a fierce leader energy inside of this nurturing sign.

Cancer energy invokes motherhood, the matriarch, emotional intelligence, and the nurturing force of the divine feminine. This is not reserved for the elite—it also represents the working class and the common folks in society. Human rights have not been prioritized in the United States and the globe for hundreds of years. Mothers and their right to choose has never been valued in the country. But have strength—the United States is a Cancer country! This Cancer season, we will see the collective continue to push harder against these oppressive patriarchal and violent systems. It’s time for the High Priestesses of the world to receive the platform and power that they deserve to help the world ascend.

On July 5th, the planet Mars—ruling over war, aggression, and drive—will move into its detriment in the sign of Taurus. Detriment in Astrology describes the condition of the planet, and can indicate challenges, shadows, and discomfort. Taurus represents value, worth, currency, beauty, creation, the Earth, and material resources. As a result, we can experience more upheaval and change regarding natural resources, food supply, financial markets, currency, climate, and our values. Taurus is a divine feminine zodiac sign. What’s more, its energy is ruled by the planetary goddess of femininity and justice, Venus. To that end, we will see protests and an effort to change this harmful system in the United States (and the globe) during this transit.

Toward the middle of the month, the new moon in Capricorn will occur on July 13. This moon is influential—it will be in its detriment, and activating Pluto retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Together, this forms a harsh square connection with Chiron in Aries. There is also a supportive aspect between the full moon, the karmic North Node, and unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. So, what does this all mean? On a collective scale, we will experience more reveals about the powers that be. We’ll see revelations about SCOTUS, outdated structures, and more difficult shadows coming to the surface. For something to change, it must be exposed in harsh light. On an individual level, it’s time to make change based on the emotional baggage you’ve left behind at the end of June.

As we move into the end of the month, Leo season begins on July 22nd. Just like its planetary ruler, the sun, Leo energy is all about creation and self-expression. The new moon in Leo on July 28th will form a polarizing connection with Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus. Mercury in Leo will also be close. As the month ends, Venus will form a close conjunction with the dark goddess, Black Moon Lilith. Together, these planetary alignments will influence the collective. We will be ready to roar, speak our truth, and truly express our values. Leo energy is not shy—it will not back down.


Aries Affirmation: When I honor my self-worth and value myself first, others will follow suit.

Aries, get ready for some long-awaited change. Transformation, release, and self-empowerment are themes for you this July. At the beginning of the month, you will feel the drive to shift your business partners and how you earn material resources. Mars (your planetary ruler) in Taurus will influence this action during its transit through your second house of money. Remember this: triggers exist to show you what must be healed and integrated. Go where you are valued and appreciated.

The second half of July will turn your attention toward your professional status and life path. This will be influenced by the Capricorn full moon on July 13th in your tenth house of career. New information will be unveiled, capable of pushing you to completely change the structure of this area. Change is good, even though it can feel uncomfortable first. Jupiter in Aries is encouraging you to step into a leadership role in your own life—even if that means letting some people go. Consider it a blessing in disguise.

Taurus Affirmation: I am honoring my emotions and focusing on my own healing.

July is an unpredictable month for you, Taurus. As a sign that prefers stability and taking things slowly, this turbulence can feel hard to handle. Mars, the planet of war and action, will be uncomfortable in Taurus as it moves through your first house of self. You may be forced to navigate through upheaval, sudden life shifts, and difficult emotions. The astrology of July wants you to stand firm in who you are while welcoming necessary change.

After moving into Leo season on July 22nd, we will see the Leo New Moon on the 28th centered in your fourth house of home. Expect new beginnings when it comes to family, ancestral matters, children and your emotional world. You also may have to work through challenging family-related matters that can rise to the surface, reopening old wounds. Reminder: you are also experiencing a major eclipse cycle, initiating complete life changes that will last 18 months. This is the time to honor how you feel. Take time to heal and truly release these long-standing emotions for the better good.

Gemini Affirmation: I’m stepping into alignment with who I truly am.

Gemini, ready yourself: past fears may resurface for you this month, for the sole purpose of enacting positive change. Shadows like fear and unworthiness can stifle your light and slow you down from living your truth. Where have you not valued yourself? Mars in Taurus will be dredging this question up in your hidden twelfth house. Take this opportunity to address any lingering doubt you have in your abilities or self-worth and alchemize to emerge stronger.

During the second half of July, expect new and creative writing projects, marketing ideas, or contracts to appear in your world. Leo season on July 22nd and the new moon in Leo on the 28th will illuminate your third house. Leo is all about play, self-expression, and creativity. This is the change you’ve needed to come out of hiding—it’s time to really show the world what you’re made of.

Cancer Affirmation: I accept, honor and love my emotional leadership.

This is your season, Cancer! As a result, it will be a powerful month for you. Get ready to purge difficult emotions, and address how you have dimmed your leadership light for the sake of others. It’s time to let go of limiting patterns that no longer serve. On July 13th, the Capricorn full moon will illuminate your seventh house of partnerships. Expect major changes in a relationship, important contract, or interaction with other people. This will encourage you to shift and remove any limits on your personal growth.

Toward the end of the month, your finances and money will be in the energetic spotlight. The sun will move into Leo on July 22nd; what’s more, the Leo new moon on the 28th will appear in this area of your life. The new moon will form a transformative connection with expansive planet Jupiter in Aries, located in your tenth house of professional matters. There may also be some sudden change in your network, thanks to the square to Mars in Taurus. A new opportunity from someone you know can appear and bring major growth. It’s time to step into your destined leadership role.

Leo Affirmation: It’s time to step into your place in the spotlight. Release the fear around your light.

As July begins, the focus for Leos will shift toward deeply individual matters. Life will be centered around family, the mother, home, and your future path. Mars in Taurus will be making its way through your tenth house, activating those areas of your life. You may also experience some changes in your profession, in order to reassert and honor your value. Is this no longer the path for you? This question can surface in your thoughts and prompt you to make a change. Use this time of reassessment to release old emotional baggage, mother wounds, and challenges with family.

Stay strong and firm—these shakeups will come to an end. The second half of July marks the start of your season! Leo season begins on July 22nd, with the most powerful new moon of the year for you arriving on the 28th. The moon and sun will be shining in your first house of personality, activating Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Aries. Travel, work changes, and the need to express yourself authentically will all be a focus at the end of the month for you.

Virgo Affirmation: Love yourself first, and those that are true will find you.

For Virgos, July is a month of change—a time to identify who your true friends are. Cancer season will illuminate your eleventh house of groups, friends, and your personal network. Are you feeling supported by those who surround you? The universe is dishing out this new reality, especially during the Capricorn full moon on July 13th. You also will feel the need to change your approach to creativity and self-expression around this time.

As the month progresses, we head into Leo season on July 22nd and the Leo new moon on the 28th. This will shine a light on your shadow self and cleanse the limits on your self-expression. Typically, Virgos don’t like the spotlight; but this time will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and heal self-doubt. This is also the season to handle legal matters, shared resources, or an important court case.

Libra Affirmation: This is a moment of personal growth. I release my control.

For Libras, July will bring the mother, career, and relationships to the forefront. You could encounter financial changes; or you may need to completely overhaul what your career looks like. While this can leave you feeling uncertain and unstable, the pressure will start to dissipate as we move toward the Capricorn new moon on July 13th. New agreements with others, relationship changes, and personal growth are all in order this month.

Leo season begins on July 22nd—and shortly after on the 28th, the new moon in Leo will initiate change in your friendships, network, and future dreams. This can feel like a new beginning when it comes to important friends or associates in your life. The end of July is reminding you to keep a close-knit, trusted circle around you. What’s more, you may begin to alter the vision you’ve cultivated for your future. Your dreams 10 years ago are completely different now. Listen to what aligns with you now.

Scorpio Affirmation: I am alchemizing my fear of the spotlight into self-love.

Scorpio, prepare for big life changes to take place this July. Your planetary ruler, Mars, will move into Taurus, igniting your relationship and contract sector. Some of you could make the leap and move in with a significant other—or see the relationship deepen. Single Scorpios can finally recognize their own self-worth, leaving a misaligned situation or changing the way you date. New contracts, agreements, and paperwork can also be the source of major life changes. Know that these shifts are necessary for your personal growth.

Toward the end of the month, your career and life path will go through a major shift. Leo season initiates this movement on July 22nd, as the sun moves into your tenth house of professional matters. Several days later, the Leo new moon on July 28th will illuminate this area of your life further—pushing you to stand in the spotlight. A new opportunity to show the world your talent can arise. Don’t be shy and take the reins, my fiery Stinger.

Sagittarius Affirmation: I am listening to my body and honoring its needs first.

As July begins, it’s important for you take care of your spiritual and physical body, Sagittarius. This month might be difficult—Mars, the planet of drive, will feel uncomfortable in the sign of Taurus in your sixth house of work. Taking time off, practicing self-care, and enjoying life are better alternatives to overworking yourself right now. You may also face upheaval in your daily work life—watch out for tough discussions or disagreements.

As we enter Leo season on July 22nd, traveling and expanding your consciousness may come into your focus. The Leo sun will shine in your ninth house of higher learning, international travel, and court cases. If travel is not in the stars for you, some Sagittarius could be speaking about policy, law, or legal matters. This will be further activated by the new moon in Leo on July 28th. At this time, some of you may also be launching an extremely important and authentic creative project.

Capricorn Affirmation: I’m embracing joy and releasing guilt.

This is a time of major personal change for you, Capricorn. The month of July is placing your focus around relationships, partnerships, home, and selfhood. On July 13th, you’ll encounter your most powerful full moon of the year in Capricorn. During this time, a significant relationship could deepen; if single, you may begin reimagining your love language. Changes in your home or family growth can also manifest for you.

Leo season will begin on July 22nd, causing the sun to travel into your eighth house. Capricorn, you have the tendency to hold in your true self-expression. Restriction is Saturnian and in your nature—fun can feel like a forbidden fruit. This Leo season is encouraging you to release your fear around commanding attention. During this time, you also could receive the financial support for a creative project. On July 28th, the moon will conjoin with the sun, forming a new moon in Leo. This could also signal a new beginning for your home or change how you share money in a serious relationship or marriage.

Aquarius Affirmation: I welcome change as a sign of positive growth.

Aquarius, maternal energy or the mother has been at the forefront of your life for some time. Thankfully, this Cancer season will speed up the healing process from any difficulties you’ve experienced. Your career and work life are also undergoing massive upheaval and transformation this month. Have recent events helped you realize that you are out of alignment with your true path? It’s time to embrace change.

In the second half of the month, your attention will turn toward serious relationships. This will be initiated during Leo season, which begins on July 22nd. The sun will ignite your seventh house of partnerships, relationships, serious love, and marriage. No, I’m not saying all of you are getting married—but something might turn serious, or you may switch up your standards. This is also a prime time for you to seek out creative collaborations.

Pisces Affirmation: I am abundantly creative.

Communication can feel challenging for Pisces as the month begins. I would compare it to mercury retrograde, with key differences. Although we are out of the shadow phase, Mercury in Gemini is forming a harsh square with your ruler, Neptune in Pisces. Together, this combination can cause some serious miscommunication. For some of you, challenging discussions and even family secrets can come to the surface.

As the month progresses, things become brighter as you move into Leo season on July 22nd. You will find joy in your work, and even start a project that is more authentically you. This will be in full effect around the new moon in Leo on July 28th. This month will fulfill the old saying: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Now is the time to do work that brings you joy.

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