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Author: Adama Sesay

This Capricorn season, the universe is causing tension, pressure, and crisis to shift old and outdated paradigms that are overshadowing and blocking your progress. Delays, disruptions, and communication breakdowns can occur so it’s important to practice introspection and patience. Mercury (the communication planet) retrograde in Capricorn will push the collective to rethink “what we’ve always done”.


Venus enters Aquarius January 2, 2023
Full Moon in Cancer January 6, 2023
Black Moon Lilith (mean) enters Leo January 8, 2023
Mars turns direct in Gemini January 12, 2023
Mercury turns direct in Capricorn January 18 2023
Aquarius Season January 20, 2023
New Moon in Aquarius January 21, 2023
Uranus direct in Taurus January 22, 2023
Venus enters Pisces January 26, 2023


Welcome to 2023 my enchantingly powerful Coven! The year is starting off slow, self-reflective, and internally transformative due to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. As a result of "retro-haze" and (seriously needed) time off towards the end of 2022, I’m a tad late launching this horoscope as well as my yearly horoscopes in my private community. Throughout this month, I will release my 2023 horoscopes for each of the 12 zodiac signs on Black Moon Lilith Collective! You also can listen to the most important collective transits of 2023 in episode 009 on the Black Moon Lilith Rising podcast.

If you are a long time reader of my column, you will notice that there are no zodiac sign horoscopes included in this forecast. Moving forward, my public horoscopes and social media content will mainly focus on informing you about the important general transits on a collective level. This will give you clarity into the overall energies ahead for the month. I've decided to now reserve all of my zodiac specific content and horoscopes for my exclusive Black Moon Lilith™ Collective tribe members. If you'd like access to my premium content, I invite you to join us in the tribe. 

This Capricorn season, the universe is causing tension, pressure, and crisis to shift old and outdated paradigms that are overshadowing and blocking your progress. Delays, disruptions, and communication breakdowns can occur, so it’s important to practice introspection and patience. Mercury (communication and thought planet) retrograde in Capricorn is pushing the collective to rethink “what we’ve always done”. This time reminds me of the difficult and lonely transformation process a caterpillar must endure in order to become a butterfly. While in its cocoon, the caterpillar painfully digests itself with an enzyme in order to break down its old form as larvae and embody its true beauty and sovereignty as the butterfly.

The caterpillar teaches us that positive evolution won’t happen without the uncomfortable pressure and tension to inspire this growth. Mercury retrograde will bring up what is continuing to block your growth and evolution through triggers, challenges, and changes this month. The universe is calling for you to look within and release old patterns, habits, and structures in your life that are holding you back from your true purpose, expression, and soul signature. Frequencies like limiting beliefs, self doubts, outdated relationships, and low self-worth will all be brought to the surface to be seen in order to empower you to alchemize them into self-empowerment. Mercury retrograde will last until January 18 with the shadow period extending through February 6.

Venus, the goddess of femininity and justice moved into the rebellious fixed air sign of Aquarius on January 2, fueling the flames of protest and revolution. During her transit this month, Venus will form a supportive trine aspect with the outspoken word warrior Mars in Gemini retrograde. We will see this energy reflected in world events where there is the oppression of women through patriarchal laws and governmental restriction. We can expect more outspoken voices, protests, and court cases against misogyny. This is also placing a spotlight on currency and finances globally, setting the stage for a massive economic reset as we head towards Pluto in Aquarius in March.

The Cancer full moon on January 6 will be the emotional catalyst to jump start this internal transformation, prompting you to take responsibility for your own healing and self-empowerment. This is because the moon is at home in the emotional water sign of Cancer, but forming a tense planetary alignment called a cardinal cross between the realistic Capricorn sun, Mercury retrograde, and Chiron in Aries. The cardinal cross is a planetary formation representing change through tension and pressure.

The full moon is also forming a harmonious sextile with the planet of rebellion, disruption, and sudden upheaval, Uranus in Taurus. It’s time to prioritize your own self-worth over the comfort and emotions of others. Full moons also reveal the truth and shine a light on hidden shadows and subconscious projections. It’s time for old patterns, family trauma, and ancestral curses to come to light so that you can emotionally shed them. Shadows must rear their ugly head this month only for you to cleanse them through the emotional waves of the Cancer full moon.

Black Moon Lilith (the mean calculation) will move into the masculine fire sign of Leo on January 8. This is initiating a new 9 month Black Moon Lilith cycle full of rage, rebellion, upheaval, and transmutation in the area of creativity, self-expression, fertility, and children. Where have you allowed others to dim your light? Black Moon Lilith in Leo will give a voice and platform to the repressed, and oppressed including children who are abused, underserved, and exploited in this world. The dark goddess will also ramp up the continued change in fertility worldwide, as well as childbirth and bodily autonomy. It’s important to take note of this shift in the dark goddess’ transit if you have Black Moon Lilith in Leo in your birth chart.

On January 12, Mars, the divine masculine god of war will (finally) turn direct after an arduous three month retrograde period in the communication sign of Gemini. It’s important to note that the shadow period will last until March 15. Duality of thought is the energetic signature of Gemini; words, communication, the press, and media were either destructive or empowering weapons during this three month period. The collective could have also experienced accidents, challenges with local travel, injuries, and verbal miscommunications during the past Mars retrograde period. Soon after, Mercury (which is also the planetary ruler of Gemini) will also turn direct on January 18. Mid-January is when the internally challenging energies of both retrogrades will subside, and the collective will experience forward movement ahead.

We then will transition out of the restrictive energy of Capricorn season, when the sun moves into Aquarius on January 20. One day after the start of Aquarius season on January 21, there is an unpredictable yet refreshing Aquarius new moon. The Aquarius moon joined with the sun will form positive aspects with Mars and Jupiter, while also sitting across the sky from Black Moon Lilith in Leo. Opportunities from friends and connections can come through, while Venus and Saturn will also show the collective who is not truly on their side. This can feel like a mixed bag of calling in your true soul tribe, receiving support, while letting go of false friends, associates, and connections. Aquarius season is also setting the stage for the massive Pluto in Aquarius global reset and revolution coming in March.


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