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August 1 - Mars Conjunct North Node & Uranus in Taurus
August 4 - Mercury enters Virgo
August 11 - Full Moon in Aquarius
August 11 - Venus enters Leo
August 20 - Mars enters Gemini
August 22 - Sun enters Virgo
August 24 - Uranus retrograde in Taurus
August 25 Mercury enters Libra
August 27 New Moon in Virgo


Welcome to the month of August! It’s important to keep in mind that this section is a general transit forecast for the global collective. Take what resonates for you, and leave what doesn’t, as it will apply to someone else. Please also reference the section below this one if you’re interested in a zodiac sign specific forecast. As always, if you’d like a personalized reading from me, please book a session.

The month starts off with a jolt of astrological electricity on August 1st. This will truly be one of the most erratic days of the year. Of course, I have to explain it using Astro terms now; but don’t worry, I will translate. Mars, the North Node, and Uranus will join together at 18 degrees in the sign of Taurus. There will also be a polarizing square between the Nodes of the Moon and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

Now, let’s rewind. What does this important astrology actually mean for the world? During this time, the collective will experience more upheaval—especially regarding the climate, material finances, supply chains, our values, and food. Financial instability and shifts will continue to be a focus on a global scale. As climate change continues to negatively affect humanity, record heat waves and erratic weather will continue. When will governments and leaders stop choosing greed and recognize the climate crisis? At the very least, we will get relief from this energetically toward the end of the month thanks to Uranus retrograde.

The Aquarius full moon is on August 11: when the Aquarius moon will be directly opposite from the Leo sun. Saturn retrograde, Mars, Uranus, and the karmic nodes of the moon will also influence this full moon. Together, they will form what astrologers call a “grand fixed cross” in the sky. This is an alignment representing tension, change, and conflict. We will feel the motivation to break out of self-limitation and step into true self-expression.

Throughout the month of August, it’s important to note that Venus will join forces with the dark rebellious goddess, Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. We can expect a stronger outcry surrounding the injustice and oppression women and marginalized folks constantly face; not only in the United States, but globally. Many people are waking up to the fact that the system is not in favor of the collective—just an elite few.

The emotional temperature will cool down when Virgo season begins on August 23, and Uranus (unpredictable planet!) turns retrograde on August 24. Virgo is one of our earth signs. As such, it will bring forward more rational, logical, and analytical energy. We can also expect some of the intense weather patterns and societal uncertainty to die down during this five-month Uranus retrograde period.

The new moon in Virgo will close out the month on August 27. Virgo represents practicality, analytical communication, and health. New habits, routine, or shifting how you do your work are major themes. The new moon will also form a difficult square connection with Mars in Gemini, who is also is gearing up for its retrograde cycle. As a result of this tense energy, the collective can anticipate some challenging news resurfacing around public health and the pandemic.


Here is your essential guide to the month ahead based on your rising sign. It's best to reference this, but if you don't know yours you can also read your sun sign. You can look up your rising or sun sign but using a free birth chart calculatorI also include magical affirmations for each.

Words are spells! Affirmations are extremely practical alchemy that have transformed my life. The simple act of affirming can shift thought patterns, cast positive spells, and raise your frequency. When your frequency is high, you become magnetic and attract resources, opportunities, and people to you through synchronicities.

Try journaling about your sign's affirmation this month. Another tip is to create as a pop up reminder on your mobile phone. Or if you prefer, leave them up as small notes in your home as a small reminder!

Aries Magical Affirmation: I am worthy, and others value me too.

Get ready for major financial changes, Aries! This August, you will be faced with important decisions. You may have to change how you earn your money, and deal with self-limiting behaviors that are blocking your path forward. Toward the middle of the month, the Aquarius full moon will bring your attention towards your peers network, friends, and connections. You can experience endings, release, and change within your circle or colleagues. As you face difficulties this month, remind yourself: “I am clearing out those who don’t truly value or align with me.” It’s for your highest good.

Be prepared for your focus to move toward work, your routine, and your health. The new moon in Virgo on August 27 will form a disruptive connection with Mars in Gemini. Together, this could bring some discord in your work life, perhaps exacerbating conflict with others. This is also a time to focus on your health—it’s prompting you to initiate change for the better.

Taurus Magical Affirmation: I surrender to change, turning lead to gold.

Dear Taurus, all eyes are on you as the month begins. August 1 will be the most transformative day of the year for you. This is due to Mars, the north node, and Uranus forming a rare connection in the sign of Taurus. There also will be a tense connection with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. So, what exactly does this mean for you? This planetary alignment will shift you away from old systems. It will encourage you to remove habits, structures, and realities that limit your worth, creative vision, or financial growth. Use this time to grow into your true self.

August’s events will also empower you to move on from work, relationships, and situations that are not aligned with who you truly are. This will intensify mid-month, during the full moon in Aquarius on August 11. Prepare for it to impact your family, home, and professional life. Throughout this period, some Taurus can experience tension or the need to make sudden decisions. The key is first acknowledging how you feel, and making decisions from that space.

Gemini Magical Affirmation: Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.

August begins on a serious note for you Gemini. Your worth and value will be up for negotiation and discussion. On August 11, the full moon in Aquarius will cause contracts, collaboration, and relationships to take center stage. Only you can truly decide what you will receive in exchange for your valuable creativity and knowledge. Ask for what you are worth, and the universe will provide.

August 20 is a pivotal day for you. Mars, the planet of drive and action, will move into Gemini—thus setting the stage for its upcoming retrograde this fall. This planetary movement will empower you to reflect on your persona and step into your authentic truth. Life will shift again on August 27, when the new moon in Virgo forms a square connection with Mars in Gemini. Moving, cleaning house, ancestral healing, and energetic work can be powerful activities for you toward the end of the month. How might you approach this opportunity? It’s time to remove what is taking up space, both physically and energetically.

Cancer Magical Affirmation: My tribe loves and supports me.

Cancer, this is a social month for you. The month kicks off with major connection between Mars, the north node, and Uranus on August 1. Expect transformative new connections, innovative collaborations, and breakthroughs in cultivating prosperity through your community. During this time, it would be wise to rejuvenate your network. You might try reconnecting with old friends and meeting new people. Social media could also improve for you at this time, especially if it pertains to your work.

Throughout August, many Cancers can also experience a change in their social circle. While it can feel uncomfortable, the universe is clearing space for the better. Toward the second half of the month, the Aquarius full moon will illuminate your finances, making money a major focus. New opportunities can take shape; but you might face tension as you step out of a familiar role. This month is a chance to stop dimming your light. Break through what’s blocking you from abundance.

Leo Magical Affirmation: I am aligning with my true expression.

Leo, your month will begin with a strong dose of cosmic electricity. On August 1, Mars, the north node and Uranus in Taurus will form a close connection in your tenth house of career. As a result of this rare planetary alignment, major changes in your life path and profession will be underway. There also could be structural shifts around family, your home, career, or matters involving your mother.

One of the most powerful full moons of the year for you is on August 11 in the sign of your opposite polarity, Aquarius. The moon will be illuminated by its opposition from the sun, which shines brightly in Leo. Expect transformative shifts in your relationships, love life, or business partnerships. It’s time for you to move towards personal growth rather than succumbing to self-limitation. A new role, person, or situation can help you make a change.

Virgo Magical Affirmation: I am stepping into my creative power.

As the month begins, travel could be an important focus for many Virgos. The powerful Mars, North Node, and Uranus conjunction will occur in your ninth house. This area rules over long-distance travel, faraway places, and international matters. If travel isn’t in the cards, then a new publishing or writing venture could be the focus for you instead. Deepening your spiritual practice and internal change could also manifest for you, too.

Toward the middle of the month, it’s time to switch things up and get organized! The Aquarius full moon on August 11 is centered in your sixth house of work and heath. The structure of your daily habits, work schedule, and even your team can completely change during this period. It’s time to release what has been blocking your true creative expression from coming through in your work. As you finish out the month the Virgo new moon is initiating a new cycle of personal evolution.

Libra Magical Affirmation: I receive the love I need and deserve.

This month, many Libras are getting serious when it comes to love! Deeper commitments are in store for some of you, while others could even go as far as marriage or partnership. Positive career changes are in store for you, too. New contracts or relationships can appear and direct you toward an aligned path.

Your social circle and network will come into focus mid-month with the full moon in Aquarius. At this time, you will emerge from your hermit mode and feel reconnected to friends. Take advantage, and enjoy life with your tribe. A new creative idea, project, or investment could also be presented to you. This opportunity will allow you to personally progress.

Scorpio Magical Affirmation: My collaborators value me.

At the beginning of the month, Scorpios may feel that their relationships are growing unpredictable. This is because on August 1, a major planetary connection will form in your partner sign of Taurus. Mars, the North Node, and Uranus will join together, sparking swift change in your love life. If love is not your focus, then this can also manifest in your business partnerships and contracts. The universe wants you to stand firm in your value and worth. Others will rise to the occasion.

August is your time to release limiting beliefs that may have been passed down generationally. It’s time to clean up the clutter—not just physically, but mentally. On August 11, your home will come into focus during a pivotal full moon in Aquarius. The Aquarius moon will illuminate matters around family, private sanctuary, and your emotional world. Clearing out clutter or changing the structure of your living space could be a major focus for you. Your internal energy is shifting as a result.

Sagittarius Magical Affirmation: I am in my present moment, creating my future.

Sagittarius, it’s important to practice self-care and presence as the month begins. Your work can feel rocky, with unexpected events shaking up your daily routine. The Mars, North Node, and Uranus conjunction in Taurus will enter your sixth house on August 1. Health matters could also come up; so, it’s important to take life slow to avoid accidents or challenges. After this period of taking everything on yourself, you can also finally receive some much-needed support.

A new project, creative venture, or idea could come to light in the second half of August. You may have been putting much effort and energy into this focus, and are now seeing it come to fruition. This will culminate during the full moon in Aquarius on August 11. The remainder of the month could also be dedicated to traveling, or expanding your mind through educational pursuits. This month, you are stepping into your natural role of a guru.

Capricorn Magical Affirmation: I release what’s blocking my path.

It’s time to clean house this month, Capricorn! You can feel this energetically and financially. On August 1, the cosmos will encourage you to shed social connections that do not help you grow and evolve. The Mars, North Node, and Uranus conjunction in Taurus will affect this area of your life, triggering you to place your own worth above all else.

Your money, finances, and investments will undergo a big overhaul toward the second half of the month. This is due to influence from the Aquarius full moon on August 11. You may completely shake things up, and think of innovative ways to earn money. Patterns and habits around this area of your life will also undergo a transformation. Release what has been energetically holding you back from standing in your full power.

Aquarius Magical Affirmation: I release any resistance I have toward change.

Aquarius, your home and family life will take the spotlight at the beginning of August. Unexpected change—as well as the need to overhaul structures that are no longer in alignment—can take place. These shifts are aligned with the Mars, North Node, and Uranus connection in the sign of Taurus. Moving, settling into a new home (potentially with a partner) and handling your private sanctuary can all manifest. Take a pause to clear out clutter and experience ancestral healing.

The most powerful full moon of the month is also in store for you—marking a month of personal growth and empowerment! On August 11, the Aquarius full moon will illuminate your sign and your opposite polarity, Leo. Together, they will highlight your relationships. A romantic partnership could either deepen, or come to an end. New work contracts and collaborations could also be a source of tension. Remember: change is good, as it creates space for better.

Pisces Affirmation: I listen to my feelings, and choose what aligns with them.

Pisces, you are the sign ruling over feelings. And as the month begins, you will be in the thick of these emotions. Communication can feel challenging with others on August 1. Mars, the North Node, and Uranus will unite in this area of your life, radiating explosive energy. You may have to renegotiate a contract, or have a tense conversation with a lover. It’s time to truly express.

The second half of the month will feel quite busy. After the Aquarius full moon on August 11, you will feel like an emotional weight has been lifted. A much-needed change in your mindset can manifest during this time. You could begin to feel a newfound joy in your work and daily life. It’s time to release self-doubt and shine, my dear Fish.

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