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Author: Ani A.

Virgos are tasked with understanding the details. With a desire to help and a tendency to overthink, they work to improve the world around them, one task at a time.  

Virgo is one of the Mutable signs in astrology. Mutable signs get the ball rolling on wrapping up the seasons so we can prepare for the next shift in our yearly cycle. In this case, the Sun moves into Virgo around August 23 through September 22. This is when we begin to end summer and look forward to autumn. It’s no mistake that Virgo season starts in line with the end of summer fun. This sign is all about the habits, routine, and work that makes the world go round. Mutable signs are flexible and adapt quickly to change. Virgos take this more practically, adjusting their day-to-day activities as they go. Yet they understand that it's the reputation of these habits that helps them get things done.  

The planet Mercury is the fastest moving planet revolving the sun in our solar system responsible for things like communication, mental awareness, circulation, writing, and how we articulate ourselves. It rules practical Virgo, giving them a natural intelligence and desire to learn and share information. However, unlike their counterpart Gemini who Mercury also governs, Virgo's don't absorb knowledge simply for the sake of it. They need to put what they've learned to good use by helping others.

When well expressed, Virgo can be organized, thoughtful, and an excellent conversationalist. They're fantastic at prioritizing important things and helping support those around them in reaching their goals. Additionally, Virgos are reliable. You can always count on them to do what they say they're going to do.

A negatively expressed Virgo can be unnecessarily hard on themselves. They're prone to anxiety which can be crippling if left unchecked. Not only are they critical of themselves, but of other people as well. This type of Virgo expects perfection and can have issues when that perfection isn't obtained.  


A Virgo in love isn't one for big, opulent, romantic gestures. They don't see the point in showing off. When this sign is in love, they find ways to support their partner in being the best version of themselves. Naturally intuitive, they focus on their partner's needs at any given moment. This includes minor things like remembering their favorite meals, what hobbies they love, or even how they like their clothes folded. Always seeing their partner’s potential, Virgo’s inspire them to seek opportunities and growth outside their comfort zone. They make wonderfully supportive and encouraging partners.

The most compatible signs for Virgo are the other Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. Both signs can vibe with Virgo's steady nature while having the patience to support them through bouts of anxiety or unhelpful perfectionism. Virgo also does well with the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They help Virgo connect with their internal emotions while reminding them to flow with the ups and downs of life.

Virgo is the least compatible with fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. These signs are too spontaneous for Virgo, who prefers a more predictable and straightforward energy. Meanwhile, Aries and Sagittarius may feel dragged down by Virgo's penchant for rules, regulation, routine, and stability.


Virgos are the eternal planners of the zodiac. You can always count on them to coordinate and schedule your time together. It's not uncommon for them to constantly offer food, water, advice, or an ear to listen. They're a wonderfully nurturing sign which takes care of everyone in their circle.


In a professional setting, Virgos enjoy playing a supporting role. Their detail-oriented nature makes them perfect for handling small tasks so that the big picture goals can be reached. Because they hold themselves to a high standard, Virgos make top performers at work. However, they need to ensure not to invest too much of themselves in work and save energy for self-care and their mental health.


The Sun is your life path, identity, and ego, and those with their Sun in Virgo shine the brightest when they are of service to others. Virgo suns do their best to make the world around them a better place and are most inspired when they can be of assistance. They need to be involved with work, projects, or other tasks as sitting idle can cause them to feel listless.


The Moon tells you about your inner world and what you need to feel safe and secure. Moon in Virgo individuals feel most confident when things are predictable and orderly. They're comfortable living a low-key existence without too much drama or excitement. Many Virgo Moons enjoy the small things like running errands or tidying up. Focusing on their habits and daily tasks gives them purpose while keeping them grounded.


Your Rising sign or "Ascendant" is the version of you that people encounter when you first meet.  People with Virgo rising can appear reserved and observant. see them analyzing the scene before jumping into a new situation. Virgo is a naturally health-conscious sign, and those with a Virgo rising may take great care to keep their body in tip-top shape. Though they take some time to feel comfortable around new people, once they trust you, you'll find that they can be a kind and helpful friend.


Mercury is exalted in Virgo, which means it can fully express its energy in this sign. Someone with their Mercury in Virgo isn't going to spend time filling the air with useless chatter. They're very deliberate with their words and realize the impact of what they say. One impressive trait of Mercury in Virgo is the ability to remember things in great detail. In this placement, Mercury gives the individual a discerning and analytical nature.


Venus in Virgo individuals are the type that work behind the scenes to make sure everything in their relationship runs smoothly. They love taking care of the small details so they and their partner can thrive. Venus is in its fall in Virgo, meaning the energy of this planet struggles in this sign. When unchecked, Venus in Virgo natives may be overly critical of their partner. They hold the people in their lives to an extremely high standard which may be hard to meet.


Jupiter influences how you experience luck and abundance. Expansive Jupiter is detriment in analytical and detail-oriented Virgo, meaning it struggles to reach its full potential. Those with Jupiter in this sign are the luckiest when they focus on being helpful and keeping all the details in check. Though they may not get unexpected hits of good luck, their hard work is almost always rewarded as they successfully reach their goals. 


In Astrology, Saturn creates restrictive energy that forces you to learn discipline. Saturn in Virgo placements tend to overthink the details, which is an issue that slows down their success. Anxiety coupled with perfectionism can prevent them from trying anything in the first place. If Saturn in Virgo individuals can learn to work through their anxieties, they can find wonderful and lasting success. 

Famous Virgo Suns 

Zendaya | Prince Harry | Beyonce | Ava DuVernay | Jennifer Coolidge | Jason Derulo | Nas | Keanu  Reeves | Sean Connery | Adam Sandler | Cameron Diaz | Tim Burton | Michael Jackson

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