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Author: Maxine Samone

There is so much beauty to be found in the unknown. In fact, all of the magic lies in what usually can’t be seen, but can be felt and experienced. As one of the most mysterious energies of the zodiac, it can be difficult to fully understand everything that Scorpio encompasses. 

So, let’s take a step back and begin with the logistics of this fixed sign, Scorpio. When even studying the science behind it all, light matter only even exists in our perception because of the dark matter between each of the light particles. Diving into the depths of Scorpio energy will help you understand and appreciate the deepest, darkest parts of yourself and the world around you, bringing the light to the forefront. 

Scorpio highlights the intimate relationship between the dark and light within and around us all, something that will always exist, hence its fixed nature. And while some of us may prefer to lean more towards “love and light” in this human experience, Scorpio season and our Scorpio brothers and sisters bring to the forefront the abrasive reality that we live in a polarizing Universe with both forces at play – the light and the dark.

Most Common Scorpio Season Themes 

It’s hard not to notice a Scorpio when they walk into a room. The overall energy of Scorpio season can have that same energy-shifting effect! From the end of October to November, Scorpio season brings the planetary energies of Mars and Pluto to the forefront. Both of these energies are aggressive in nature, bringing about major changes whether you’re ready to face them or not. 

Mars is traditionally known as the planet of war, giving you the will to fight for what you believe in, what you love, and what you truly desire. While this planet isn’t usually associated with feeling, it’s actually the strongest catalyst fueled by emotion – just not usually the emotions that we like to face. Anger, confrontation, boundaries, rage, and will power become major themes as you’re faced with energetic circumstances that bring forth the root of subconscious issues that need to be transmuted once and for all. 

Pluto on the other hand is much more slow moving, but arguably more influential than Mars. While it is the smallest planet in our known solar system, it makes a huge impact when its energy comes into play. It rules over death and rebirth, demolishing anything – even the smallest things – that no longer serve us. This becomes especially true as you’re encouraged to dive deep into the subconscious mind (or the dark emotional matter) that Scorpio entices us to explore during its season. Whatever no longer supports us in our biggest co-creative endeavors with the Universe will be eradicated…and if you resist these changes, the consequence may be repeating difficult karmic cycles! 

However, if you lean into those dark crevices of your psyche, there’s a great potential for inner power to be unlocked and a new version of yourself to be reborn from the fire. It’s been said that Scorpio has 7 spiritual stages of transformation, the last and most powerful being the phoenix rising from the ashes! 

How to Interpret Scorpio Placements in the Birth Chart 

If you’re lucky enough to have Scorpio placements in your birth chart, you have power that’s just waiting to be unlocked with further self exploration. Here is a quick breakdown of how you can best lean into the beautiful dark feminine energy that’s been given to you in this lifetime. 

Scorpio Sun 

As a Scorpio Sun, you’re extremely intuitive. As someone who is intimately connected to the energies all around you, you’re able to pick up on subtleties around you and piece together the unseen to understand the truth in situations around you. The more that you learn to trust yourself and your intuitive hits, the more powerful you will become! 

Scorpio Moon 

While others may not feel that you’re as emotional as they wish that you could be, you actually feel things extremely deeply. Because of this, you protect your emotional world with everything that you have. You remember emotional wounds in detail, making it more difficult to make deep connections with those that you first meet. However, once you do learn to trust someone overtime and through deeply felt experiences, you’re extremely loyal to those select few people. 

Scorpio Rising (Ascendant) 

As mentioned above, Scorpios can be felt when they walk in the room. As a Scorpio rising, your initial energy can be very intense and overwhelming to those who aren’t used to this type of energy. You have an intense stare that encourages people to open their mind, body, and soul’s up to a deeper emotional world that you’re ready to explore. 

Scorpio Venus 

If anyone embodies “ride or die” energy, it’s the person that has a Scorpio Venus placement. It takes quite a bit of time for this Venus placement to trust someone, but once they do they are locked in on building a long-lasting connection with the person they’ve set their eyes on. This type of love is built for long-term commitment, remaining open to facing the trials and tribulations that come with growing and changing alongside their partner overtime. 

Scorpio Mars 

If you have a Scorpio Mars placement, you are highly driven to accomplish your goals. You have an intoxicating creative energy about you, making for a high libido. As someone who leans into creative energy, it’s important to learn how to channel that sexual energy into your bigger dreams and goals. Discipline will be a prominent theme in your life. 

Scorpio Mercury 

This placement is one of the most powerful placements to have, making you a true alchemist if you’re willing to step up to the challenge of actually feeling through your emotions rather than intellectualizing them. 

Since Mercury is the planet of thinking and communication, you may take a more stubborn approach to ideas and forms of expression. Or, you’re so comfortable with darker aspects of the psyche that you can make light of them rather than allowing yourself to feel them. Surprisingly, people with Scorpio Mercury’s tend to have immaculate comedic timing. 

However, if you’re able to feel through circumstances in your life, you can use your emotions to alchemize situations in your favor. 

Scorpio Jupiter 

You may be someone who is intensely spiritual and obsessed with esoteric studies. Leaning into occult magic, metaphysics, life after death, and all the taboo subjects that society would normally shun can be super empowering to you. You’ll be tasked with diving deeper into the unknown and coming back to your reality with a higher perspective, tools, and resources that can bring more magic into your life. 

Scorpio Saturn 

Saturn is a planet that presents us opportunities to experience long-lasting growth through responsibility and discipline. This Saturn placement may have to learn to truly embody the dark feminine energy that resides within you. In your early life, you may be afraid to “go there” – whatever that may mean for you. However, life will present circumstances that present opportunities for you to dive into the depths of your emotions. 


If you’re looking to connect with a Scorpio in love, you must be patient and consistent with them to show your devotion. A Scorpio doesn’t just open themselves up to everyone, almost challenging and testing potential suitors to see who they really are. 

As a Scorpio matures or opens themselves up to a potential partner, they will help their partner become the best version of themselves. This particular energy truly appreciates growth and success through achieving goals. 

They are very competitive, even in love! While they may hold some jealous tendencies, it comes from a place of wanting a connection with their partner that no other person can compare to. Once they choose their person, they have tunnel vision on building a life and love that surpasses the surface, creating a connection that transcends this physical realm.  


Loyalty is the utmost important factor in a friendship or building any type of relationship with a Scorpio. It can feel difficult to create a friendship with a Scorpio, but they bond with people through tough times. Difficult situations that you’re able to tackle alongside a Scorpio will help build a bond. 

They are definitely the type of people that you can call when you’re in a tough situation, always coming to the rescue when it matters the most. They want to help you achieve your biggest goals, giving you the motivational pep talks that you need in trying times. If you’re friends with a Scorpio, you can rest assured that you’ll always have someone that will tell you the truth and push you out of your comfort zone. 

Career and Professionalism 

Did you know that statistically, Scorpio suns are the most documented world leaders? Scorpios are extremely power driven, motivated, and influential. But they’re not limited to these types of roles! 

Scorpios can excel at whatever they put their mind to. They seem to enjoy careers that allow them to balance their need for personal space and explore social interactions in a way that makes them feel safe. 

People with many Scorpio placements seem to love careers that allow them to explore their creativity, the depths of the human psyche, and esoteric subjects. Many Scorpios either get into the arts so that they have a healthy outlet for their deep emotions. Alternatively, they love helping other people understand the power of the emotions that reside in their subconscious mind through therapy or alternative healing services. 

Embodying Your Scorpio Energy 

The best way that you can learn to embrace everything that Scorpio has to teach you is to embody this energy. It’s inherently feminine, pushing you to feel and integrate lessons on a deep, cellular level. 

Intense emotions of sadness, grief, rage, anger may arise, encouraging you to lean into them so that you can alchemize them in your favor. Even if you don’t have specific Scorpio placements, there is Scorpio energy within your chart that can be activated with certain transits that will push you past your limits in divine timing. Working with your body, trusting your intuition, and diving deeper into your shadow work can help you become the best, balanced version of yourself. 

Famous Scorpios 

|Ciara | Drake | Willow Smith | Gabrielle Union | Tracee Ellis Ross | Frank Ocean | Sean “Diddy” Combs | SZA | Leonardo DiCaprio | Odell Beckham Jr. | Whoopi Goldberg | Travis Barker | Pete Davidson | Lisa Bonet | Future | Miguel | Björk | Nia Long | 

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