♓️ Pisces Season Inspired Beauty: Ethereal Spiritual Goddess

beauty Feb 12, 2022
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Hello my vibrant and creative Coven! I'm so excited that we are out of the retrograde fog and heading into a season full of spiritual and personal growth. This Pisces season is extremely unique! Both of Pisces planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, will be at home and providing optimism and growth. This is a time to set your intentions and actively create your future. Because of this powerful alignment, you can manifest your dreams into reality as we move into spring.

Symbolized by the Fish, Pisces is a water sign representing creativity, intuition, spirituality and imagination. They tend to be natural healers in whatever life path they choose, and seek to help others in this life time. When I think of Pisces energy the ocean depths, and the mystery that lies beneath comes to mind. 

For this look inspired by the last sign of the zodiac, I wanted to channel the ethereal and spiritual vibe of Pisces. I chose a magical Celestial Quad from Pat McGrath, and I created my own deep red lip shade.

For more on which products I used, visit my LTK shop here. The dress is also from one of my favorite online shops Unique Vintage! Here is a guide below on how I achieved this look...

1: I applied a Fenty Primer as a base and followed up with a hydrating foundation

2: Topped off with a concealer to brighten up the under-eyes

3: Contoured with both Fenty Match Stix and a darker cream bronzer

4: Set the look with a setting powder 

5: Tapped on an iridescent eye from Pat McGrath

6: Created a winged cat eye look and topped off with easy to wear magnetic lashes!

7: I combined a burgundy/wine and bright red lip to create a unique shade. 


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