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Author: Ani A.

Libras are the charmers of the Zodiac, and they thrive by being in relationship with others. As an air sign, they use logic and information to navigate connecting to other people. With an eye for aesthetics, they intuitively know how to create balance and beauty in all things. 

Libra is one of the Zodiac’s four cardinal signs that shift us from one season into the next. Libra season falls on September 22nd and goes through October 23rd. The date aligns with the Autumn Equinox when we experience equal hours of day and night. As summer comes to a close and we welcome the cooler fall months, this is a time of harvest and connection. Libra expresses its cardinal energy by initiating balance and connection with others. If they sense something is off kilter, they must take it upon themselves to achieve equilibrium. 

Ruled by Venus, Libra has an eye for the aesthetic. They have a deep appreciation for artistic expression on an intellectual level. Additionally, Libras take on all the relational aspects of Venus, surrounding themselves with a menagerie of friends and lovers. With an intoxicating Venusian flair, they charm and flirt their way through life’s experiences. 

A well-expressed Libra is diplomatic and fair. They naturally understand how to consider everyone’s thoughts and feelings. These people genuinely love connecting with others and make excellent conversationalists.  

When Libra is in its lower expression, the native can be indecisive and a bit of a pushover. People pleasing and failing to put their wants and needs over the needs of others is something they might struggle with. Not wanting to engage in conflict, these Libras may attempt to manipulate others into giving them what they want. 


Libras love being in romantic relationships. They make doting partners and only see the best in their significant others. With big hearts and a desire to please, Libras love fully and unconditionally. 

Being so social, Libras need to be in relationships with people who won’t take issue with them connecting with others. That said, Libra is least compatible with a sign like Scorpio or Cancer, who may feel insecure about their flirtatious behavior. Meanwhile, Libra might feel held back or even suffocated by Cancer and Scorpios need to hold them close. 

Libras are most compatible with the air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Because they aren’t clingy, Libra feels free to be the social butterfly that they are. And these two air signs stimulate Libra’s mind, constantly giving them fun and exciting things to explore and discuss. Libras also get along well with the other Venusian sign Taurus. They both appreciate all the beauty, comfort, and sensuality that life has to offer. 


It goes without saying that Libras collect plenty of friends! They love planning gatherings and getting everyone together for a good time. This sign makes fun and adventure their priority, so there’s never a dull moment when Libra is around. Because they’re so in tune with the wants and needs of others, they know how to keep everyone in their group happy. 


Libras enjoy keeping their work environment harmonious and peaceful. They make great moderators between different teams and understand how to keep everyone on track for a common goal. Understanding the importance of company morale, they know how to keep spirits high, which leads to greater productivity and success. 


The Sun represents how you view yourself and the energy you’re meant to express in the world. Those with their Sun in Libra are social, intelligent, and curious about the people around them. They strive to create harmony and don’t have the stomach for conflict. They approach issues with tact so as not to ruffle any feathers. 


The Moon tells you what you need to feel emotionally safe and secure. Libra Moons thrive in partnerships and feel most fulfilled when they have someone to spend their life with. This goes for both romantic and platonic relationships. At home, Libra Moons enjoy creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment.  


The Rising sign rules how others perceive you when they first meet you. Libra Risings are often well liked upon meeting someone new. They come off as friendly and sometimes a bit flirtatious. These people easily use their charm and wit to win people over, for better or worse. With a keen eye for fashion, Libra Risings love to express themselves through what they wear. 


Mercury influences communication and how a person expresses their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. With this planet in Libra, the native is someone who does their best to find the middle ground in all matters. This makes them great mediators, but it can sometimes lead to indecisiveness as they can see all aspects of a decision.    


Venus is right at home in Libra. These people adore being in relationships but tend to hold their partners to a high standard. Preferring to avoid conflict, they might sugarcoat issues instead of getting to the heart of the matter. True romantics at heart, Venus in Libra natives view their relationships as a love story, enjoying the playful courtship and always searching for their happily ever after. 


Mars rules aggression and passion. It’s what gives us something to fight for. Mars is uncomfortable in harmonious and diplomatic Libra. These natives desire peace but can instigate conflict as they try to achieve it. Mars in Libra can be passive-aggressive in their affairs, but they’ll always stand up for the justice of others. 


Luck, abundance, and expansion are all influenced by Jupiter. When this planet is in Libra, the native experiences the most luck when they prioritize treating others with fairness and diplomacy. They do well in careers involving the arts, mediation, and politics.   


Saturn rules over limitations and difficult lessons. In Libra, Saturn can bring lessons around relationships and feeling intense responsibility to keep others safe and happy at the expense of their wellbeing. When unchecked, these natives can inadvertently isolate themselves out of fear of connection. 

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