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Author: Ani A.

Cancers are one of the zodiac's most emotional and "feeling" signs. This complex and sometimes temperamental sign has been tasked with experiencing the full range of human emotion.

In astrology, the Cardinal signs kick off each of the four seasons, moving us from one phase of the year into the next. Cancer is the cardinal sign that ushers us into summer. From the Solstice, which takes place June 22nd until the middle of summer on July 22nd, Cancer season reigns supreme. Cardinal signs are constantly moving from one energy or idea to the next. Being Cardinal water, Cancers easily flow through their emotions, which others may perceive as moody.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are deeply intuitive. Their innate connection to their emotions allows them to detect shifts and changes in the energy around them. They can pick up on an individual's true intentions before even speaking one word. And due to this sensitivity, they prefer to exist in the safety of their hard, impenetrable shell. One thing Cancers value most above all else is the feeling of security. No one can hurt their soft heart if they're never let inside.

A well-expressed Cancer understands how to go with the flow of their emotions. They're nurturing and naturally empathetic to the needs of those around them. Though still cautious with the company they keep, those with the privilege of being welcomed into their inner circle are blessed with warmth and genuine love.

Conversely, a negatively expressed Cancer is moody and has no control over how they handle their intense emotions. They can be mistrusting of others, walling themselves off, and refusing to let anyone in. Pessimism and sometimes isolation can be an issue for this sign if they let it.


Cancers are the type to enjoy deep and lasting connections. They may indulge in a casual fling here and there, but they prefer a long-term and stable relationship. When partnered, they naturally take on the nurturing role. They adore caring for their significant other and do their best to make them feel safe and secure.

The most compatible signs for Cancer are the other water signs. Both Scorpio and Pisces understand the depth of emotion that Cancer experiences. They connect on a deep and intuitive level that can feel almost otherworldly. Additionally, Cancers do well with Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Their patience and grounded nature help Cancer feel safe and secure in their relationship.

Fire sign Aries and air sign Aquarius are the least compatible match for Cancer. They may feel frustrated by Cancer's constant shifts in emotions. Meanwhile, Cancer feels misunderstood and alone in a relationship that doesn't prioritize their feelings.


Cancers don't let many people in, so the few that are welcomed into their life are treated like family. They're fiercely loyal to their friends and will do anything to make them feel safe and comfortable. This sign will always offer a shoulder to cry on, a place to stay, or a delicious meal to their friends when they need them.


At work, Cancers are kind to others and know how to get their job done. However, coworkers shouldn't mistake their kindness for friendship. They're at work to secure their bag, not to exchange pleasantries. They might make a friend who ends up being their work bestie, but beyond that, things stay professional.

Cancer Sun

Those with their Sun in Cancer are somewhat cautious and move through life using their emotion and intuition. They value security above all else and do everything they can to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Though their moods are ever-changing, Cancer Suns are one of the more dependable and predictable signs of the Zodiac.

Cancer Moon

Cancer expressed through its ruling "planet," the Moon makes a native who's profoundly in-tune with their emotions. They find security by surrounding themselves with familiar people, places, and comforts. They tie the events of their life to their emotions, making them incredibly nostalgic and prone to dwelling on the past. These natives may struggle with keeping their feelings in check.

Cancer Rising

When you first meet a Cancer rising, they may come off as reserved or shy. Depending on the rest of their chart, this may or may not be the case. However, when engaging with new people or situations, Cancer risings need time to assess. They have an approachable nature that puts others at ease. People naturally trust a Cancer Rising and view them as someone they can rely on.

Cancer Mercury

Cancer Mercury natives infuse their emotions into every word they say. They may speak slowly as they search for the right words to convey their thoughts. Naturally personal and connected, they easily remember the smallest details of those they encounter.

Cancer Venus

Those with a Cancer Venus love to love and love to be loved. These people are the epitome of a doting partner and show their love by caring for their significant others. When heartbroken, it can take them a long time to recover as their hearts are slow to heal. Cancer Venus thrives in a committed relationship. Though they can be bratty if they don't get their way, they make loyal and doting partners.

Cancer Jupiter

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, meaning the planet can bestow plenty of blessings when placed in this sign! The native finds luck and abundance when exploring pursuits involving the home, caring for others, and learning the arts. They're meant to use their natural gifts to bring comfort and safety to others. This work brings them wonderful fulfillment.

Cancer in Saturn

Saturn is in detriment in Cancer, meaning that the planet struggles to be in this sign. These natives can feel restricted and serious about their emotions. Taking care of others becomes a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled, especially in their younger years.

Famous Cancers

Selena Gomez | Ariana Grande | Tom Hanks | Meryl Streep | Post Malone | Solange Knowles | Jaden Smith | Mindy Kaling | Kevin Hart | Malala Yousafzai | Harrison Ford | Missy Elliot | Sandra Oh | Tom Cruise

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