♒️ Aquarius Season Inspired Beauty: Let Your Unique Light Shine!

beauty Jan 21, 2022
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Aquarians are the most unique sign of the zodiac, and typically don't adhere to trends. Born between January 20 - February 18, Aquarius' symbol is the water-bearer, and their role is to enlighten the collective with innovation and knowledge.

As a fixed air sign ruled by stoic Saturn and eccentric Uranus, Aquarian people are typically detached emotionally, and known for placing emphasis on their community and plethora of connections. Breaking the status quo for the good of the collective comes naturally to them. I kept all of this in mind as I was thinking about a futuristic makeup look that reflects this energy, but also is wearable.

I absolutely love doing my makeup each day, it allows me to get creative and rest in my femininity! It’s a form of meditation that allows me to appreciate my human form, and adorn it with color! For Aquarius season, I decided on an ethereal direction with pops of peach, and electric blue – blue is also Aquarius' power color. Since Aquarius energy is all about technology, and science, I also added hints of silver for a space alien priestess vibe.

Here is a quick guide below on how I got the look! You can also shop the brands on my LTK shop here.

1: Use a hydrating foundation primer.

2: Follow with a long-wear foundation and use a concealer under eyes to brighten. 

3: Use a cream contour to play up and sculpt cheekbones.

4: Use a shimmery highlighter on top. The one I used in the video is Victoria Beckham Beauty, but has been discontinued! You can still find it on Amazon, but feel free to choose a similar color from another brand.

5: Add a pop of peachy cheek color right on your cheek bones where the light would normally hit.

6: Trace the electric blue pencil along the bottom lash line

7: Use your favorite false lashes on the top lid. With a black liquid liner, draw a precise and bold wing. Be careful to create a steady line!

8: Add a pop of the peach lip color to your lips.

9: Top off your look with a makeup setting spray and you are ready to go!

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