0014: The Feminine Flow of Manifestation with Laura Chung

In this illuminating episode of the Black Moon Lilith Rising podcast, we delve deep into the realm of manifestation with a special guest, Laura Chung. Laura is a renowned Reiki master, astrologer, and the author of the insightful book How To Manifest. She's also the host of the podcast Awaken and Align. Laura is a multi-talented individual who boasts an impressive following of over 130,000+ on her various social media platforms.

She's a multi-disciplinary healer, dedicated to helping people transcend their past, transform their current situations, and break free from generational cycles and harmful patterns. But Laura's journey goes far beyond her spiritual and astrological expertise. She holds a Masters of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, adding a unique and insightful perspective to her work. Her background as an activist and trauma-informed healer underscores her commitment to using her media platforms as instruments of spiritual wisdom, de-colonial education, collective healing, and liberation.

Throughout this episode, Adama and discuss the feminine art of manifestation. Listeners can expect to learn about the unique qualities of feminine energy in the manifestation process, as well as practical tips and tools for harnessing this power. Laura's intention is clear: to guide people on their journey to manifesting the life of their dreams.

Tune in to this episode of Black Moon Lilith Rising for an inspiring and enlightening conversation with Laura Chung as she unpacks the secrets of the feminine approach to manifestation. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey toward manifesting your deepest desires and breaking free from limitations.

You can learn more about Laura's work on her website and purchase her book on Amazon

Watch the video version of the episode on Youtube

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