009: 2023 Yearly Horoscope & Tarot Forecast

The last year has brought exciting advancements for Black Moon Lilith Rising and for our host Adama, with a new book manuscript and a Tarot deck expected for launch in fall 2023. Now, with the New Year around the corner, she is BACK to guide you through the horoscope of what 2023 has in store. 

On her first SOLO episode, Adama explores the upcoming year's major transits reflecting on the change they will bring to 2023. On January 8th it all begins with the mean position of Black Moon Lilith moving into Leo, bringing out the dark feminine through unique and rebellious forms of expression and the breaking of boundaries. She explains how Saturn moving into Pisces will help us break out of our own and societal limitations, encouraging us to release what is no longer serving us. She also explains how Pluto moving into Aquarius projects big societal change and revolution worldwide.

In this episode, Adama also dives into the power of the Tarot with an eight-card collective spread channeling the energy of the year ahead, preparing us for the journey within the world and within ourselves in 2023.

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2023 Transits Discussed:
Black Moon Lilith enters Leo January 8, 2023
Venus conjunct Neptune February 15, 2023
Saturn moves into Pisces March 7, 2023 Until 2025
Pluto moves into Aquarius March 23, 2023 Until 2044
Solar Hybrid Eclipse in Aries (29º) April 20, 2023
Lunar Penumbral Eclipse in Scorpio (14º) May 5, 2023
North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra July 18, 2022
Solar Annular Eclipse in Libra (21º) October 14, 2023
Lunar Partial Eclipse in Taurus (05º) October 28, 2023


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