006: The Magnetism of Scorpio with ScorpioSunScorpioMoon Founder and Author Malika Harris

As we welcome Scorpio season, we welcome Malika Harris, Author, Astrologer and Creator of ScorpioSunScorpioMoon, to the Black Moon Lilith Rising podcast.

This is the first social media lifestyle brand solely dedicated to Scorpios with a focus on inner transformation and evolution. She is a Sun, Moon & Stellium in Scorpio with Venus in the 8th house. Here you will learn about Scorpios and yourself through our eyes.

Her current book: I’m not Crazy - A Scorpio’s Guide to Embracing the Dark Side is dedicated to dismantling the negative stereotypes about Scorpios and how they can learn self-acceptance. Scorpios bear the most negative stereotypes of any sign in the zodiac. We’re portrayed as evil, dangerous, vindictive, manipulative, jealous, possessive, secretive, aggressive, cunning, ruthless, resentful, heartless, psychopaths, narcissist, bipolar and downright crazy. In the book, "I'm Not Crazy", Malika dismantles this so-called Crazy and teaches you how to avoid gaslighting and learn self acceptance.

To learn more from Malika:
Web: https://www.scorpiosunscorpiomoon.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ScorpioSunScorpioMoon 

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