005: Discover Your Human Design with Magic Kathi

Welcome back to the podcast, Black Moon Lilith Rising community!

On today's podcast, we are lucky to hear from Katharina Hillenberg, a spiritual teacher, ascension guide and cosmic soul contract channel. She uses her passion for Astrology, Human Design, Science and Psychology to reconnect the human with the soul, helping people all around the world to break out of their programming, societal and parental conditioning and the fear and limitations that makes them not actualize and live their greatest potential and deepest desires.

One of Kathi's deepest desires is to guide humans back to their true essence, to reconnect them with their heart and soul, so they can feel and realize that earth actually is heaven. When we become the embodied bridge between the cosmos and the earth, that's when we become limitless creators!

Kathi also is featured on Black Moon Lilith Collective as a guest contributor with a foundational workshop on Human Design! Super exciting and I encourage you if you’re a member of the tribe to check that out. If you’re not a member you can find out how to join on LilithAstrology.com

Want to see or hear more from Kathi? Check her out below:
Website: https://magickathi.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/magic_kathi_official/

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