002. Black Moon Lilith in Relationships

🔮 The Black Moon Lilith Rising Podcast is back after a year long hiatus with a fresh 'n hot new episode with host, Adama Sesay. Adama is the author of the upcoming (tentative launch date is Fall '23, HayHouse Inc.) Black Moon Lilith Rising™ Book and Cosmic Alchemy Oracle Cards. She is the professional astrologer, beauty witch, and High Priestess behind LilithAstrology.com and Black Moon Lilith Collective.


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Black Moon Lilith in astrology was an incredible source of healing the shadow around relationships for Adama personally, and started her practice to help others. In this episode, Adama will discuss Black Moon Lilith in relationships and how it can manifest as power struggles, demonization, and self-undoing. She also discusses the recent Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial and how large of a role Black Moon Lilith played in the astrology of this relationship.

🌟 In the second segment of this episode, we have special guests Laura Chung and Brittany Anderson Simone, hosts of the podcast The Werk. The Werk is a podcast hosted by two friends and women of color; Laura Chung and Brittany Simone Anderson. In each episode, Britt and Laura interview thought leaders, healers, scholars, and change-makers who share their wisdom, education, and use storytelling to raise awareness around the everyday harm placed on the BIPOC communities and underestimated peoples. With this awareness, we are better equipped to inspire change and collective evolution. The goal of The Werk is to create a safe space to express and share thoughts that will expand the minds and hearts of the listeners.

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