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How to integrate and transform your dark goddess energy to heal, manifest, and create your own reality. 


Silvia S.

My experience with Adama was amazing. She was on point that she knew more about my past than I did! We covered a lot about my childhood, which brought up a lot of suppressed emotions.

Christina B.

Adama has such a great energy and gave me a reading that affirmed both patterns from my childhood that can have an impact on me today and confirmed my potential and natural abilities.

Allyssa P

Becoming a member and having the birth chart reading was definitely one of the biggest highlights for me in 2020. I have learned about where I need to focus my energy, how to manifest and create my own reality.

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You are a powerful soul...

Transforming your own life with Magick is an inside job... Are you ready?

My name is Adama Sesay, Astrologist, Alchemist, and creator of The purpose of this community is to empower all of humanity through the deep understanding and knowledge of the cosmos, Black Moon Lilith™, and universal law. I invite you to start your journey of self-discovery and finding your true voice. 

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