Virgo Rising/Sun January 2020 Horoscope

Updated: Jan 4

On the 13th of January, the True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces will be opposite the Moon in Virgo. Each month when the transit Moon comes into opposition with the Black Moon Lilith, we undergo a lot of inner shadow work we need to pay attention to. On this day, you will receive a lot of insight regarding your shadow side, and how you can work to bring more light towards it. You could undergo a lot of frustrating emotions on the 13th, and a lot of emphasis will be placed on ensuring that you have all the right structures in place in your life and that you are paying attention to your health. Do not fear to deal with any negative emotions that may arise this day, you have to experience them and face them headfirst, or they will never go away and keep creeping up on you when the going gets tough!

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn On January 2. This will be a great day, where you will indeed be able to identify your dreams and aspirations for your future career. It will all be clear to you what you need to do, and you will come up with incredible ideas that will aid your expansion in your profession. As the transit is happening in your house of creativity, you will think of new creative ways to revolutionize the career path you are on. Many ideas for your profession will come to you during this conjunction, so be sure you aren't too busy and that you can write down all the ideas!

Prepare yourself for some emotional times with your friends! The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 will make you realize which of your friends is essential in your life. People come and go, especially friends, and the ones who stay through the hard times with you are the ones you should keep. There might be a very emotional situation headed your way around or on the night of the Full Moon, and you will feel the need to reach out for support from your friends. It might even work the other way around, and you lend a shoulder to cry on to someone. On this day, you will see the real value of friendship.

There will be a New Moon in Aquarius on January 24, in your 6th house. The New Moon placed here will encourage you to consider reshaping or taking on a new day to day routine. You would be able to identify what tasks you carry out that do not serve you whatsoever, and what is a total waste of time. Eliminate the responsibilities and duties you have that are not aiding your growth. You might even find that a new routine, along with a fresh open mind, will make you feel like a new you! There will be a few important changes you need to make on this day due to the Square with the New Moon and Uranus in Taurus, and you might be hesitant to make certain changes. Do not fear change, and allow it!

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