Virgo Rising/Sun February 2020 Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Pisces and your 7th house on the 3rd of February. Mercury rules over our communication style, and when in this position, you will want to communicate and share ideas. You will also prefer one-on-one communication with people, as opposed to big groups or in crowds. This position does make you want to connect with people through conversation mentally. It will be easy to communicate with others, but make sure you do not overlook important facts and details as Mercury in Pisces is in its detriment and can create some illusions.

Your 12th house of spirituality and subconscious is being affected by the Full Moon in Leo on the 9th of February. Pay attention to your mind and emotions on this day, as thoughts that you have been putting aside for a later time are going to come back to you now. You will have a fresh perspective and viewpoint and will be able to think of new ways to proceed with the ideas you had previously. Secrets that you or others have been keeping can also rise to the surface!

True Black Moon Lilith will conjunct Mercury in Pisces on the 12th of February. Lilith's energy is expressed in our thoughts and expressions, as well as through our significant other. It will be vital to be aware of your words and what you say on this day. Think twice and count to ten before you speak. Do not let your inner emotions get the better of you in your communications, and focus on your communication style. Is it overly pushy? Is it naggy? Pessimistic? You will become aware of how you have been communicating and the kind of energy you express when you talk on this day.

Get yourself ready for another retrograde cycle with your ruling planet, Mercury. When this retrograde hits on the 16th of February, you are going to feel pushed out of your comfort zone. This transit will force you to look beyond the details, the rules, the "what is". Some things cannot be explained and understood by calculation and logic, and you need to look a bit deeper, maybe at things that cannot be seen with the naked eye or felt by your touch. During this retrograde, if you can't put your finger on something or make sense of something, maybe it's because you are trying to box something in that physically is not that easily understood or noticeable.

The True Black Moon Lilith has entered Aries on the 23rd of February and will be moving through your 8th house. This transit is going to be an exciting period in your life! The 8th house rules over everything taboo and hidden, and it is also the house of transformation. You will be faced with many strange, weird, and out-there situations over this time that is going to transform you at your core. You will go through a reinvention of your sexuality, as you will realize and tap into your inner sexuality much more comfortably with this transit. You will also become more aware of your more "taboo" inclinations and desires, but you will learn how to harness and accept it. There can be a lot of loss during this time, as this transit will encourage a lot of death and rebirth in many areas of life, meaning for you to grow and evolve, you will need to lose and let go of things that you hold dearly in your heart.

You will be offered a fresh start for a relationship or partnership with the New Moon in Pisces in your 7th house on the 23rd of February. You could work through and resolve existing conflict, and you could move on quickly. It is essential to clear out any bad vibes between you and a loved one on this day and try to talk and work through disagreements. You will be very receptive to your partner and their needs, and you will easily be able to find a middle ground between the two of you.

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