Taurus Rising/Sun January 2020 Horoscope

Updated: Jan 4

True Black Moon Lilith will be in conjunction with Neptune, as well as in a sextile with the Sun on January the 7th. This aspect will encourage the activist in you to shine through! With the True Black Moon Lilith in your 11th house of friendship, there are going to be external forces that push you to open up and spread the knowledge you possess that is represented by the Sun in your 9th house. You are incredibly gifted at sharing your vision for a better future, better earth, and better society, and on the 7th, the masses will be able to hear your voice! Be sure to speak up against anything you do not agree with on this day to ensure you stand your ground. Your voice will be able to make a change.

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Pisces and your 11th house on January 13. When Venus enters a spiritual sign of Pisces in your 11th house, you will seek deep spiritual connections with your peers. Your capacity for compassion and understanding towards others will increase, and you will lack a judgemental outlook toward their situations. This aspect also has its challenging side, where it puts rose-colored glasses on you, and you prefer only to see the good in people. This isn't a bad thing, as focusing solely on the good can help others also focus on the good they possess in them. Do remain aware tho, and don't let the toxic habits and inclinations of others be ignored. You will maintain the capacity for unconditional love during this transit, but do not let it land you in dangerous and toxic situations.

There will be a Lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Cancer on January 10. This will happen in your third house of communication. It will come to your awareness where you lack and where you struggle to take in and learn information, as well as your methods of communicating. It could be that a significant portion of the drama in your life is caused by you not analyzing a situation correctly and not communicating the way you need to. Thus misunderstandings tend to happen. The shadow work you will need to do involves how you disclose the information you have.

There will be a conjunction with Mercury and The Sun on the 10th during the Lunar eclipse. The eclipse can cause you to reassess your financial situation in your career or workplace. Are you earning enough money for your efforts? Are you getting what you deserve? A lot of thought will be placed on whether what you are doing professionally is benefitting you or not.

With Mercury in your 9th house of expansion, you will find new expansive ways of thinking around January 1, as Mercury will be passing conjunction with Jupiter. You might push yourself out of your usual comfort zone in the 1st week of January, The New Moon will happen in Aquarius on January 24, which is the house of your career. This indicates the start of a new career venture or a new project. You will possess the vigor and excitement to embark on this with ease. It will be essential to put your best foot forward at work, or in your profession and make sure you complete each job correctly, as your high performance could be noticed by someone above, and they can give you new opportunities. Make sure you also double-check all your work, as it will be difficult to hide or cover up any mistakes you make on this day that can be brought on by the Square between the New Moon and Uranus on this day.

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