Taurus Rising/Sun December 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The time is NOW to act on your romantic impulses. Mars will be in Scorpio in your 7th house of marriage and partnership. This transit will make you incredibly in touch with your private sentimental feelings, and forming new friendships and relationships with unique individuals will be a walk in the park. Be sure to express your expectations now, as others will understand your needs and see eye to eye with you with ease.


Jupiter in Capricorn will be entering a fortunate transit as it trines with Uranus in Taurus on the 2nd of December. Jupiter in Capricorn will encourage luck, fortune, and expansion in your workplace, and you will indeed be able to grow yourself. Uranus in Taurus will facilitate the necessary changes that need to be made to your physical environment, and you will be able to channel the two avenues of knowledge and incorporate them together. You will know how to create ultimate harmony in the workplace, and you will be exceptionally lucky on this day!

The Capricorn stellium in January is going to make you change the way you view things and see the world. The old methods you execute is not always beneficial, and you will be forced to restructure this in the new year. Times are changing, and you will be expected to evolve with the changes. Start by expanding your perception and exposing yourself to things you usually wouldn't to help prepare yourself for when the big perception changing period comes in the new year.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th will be moving through your second house. Try to remember the principle of keeping your heart as light as a feather; let go of the weight you hold in your heart. Pay attention to how you feel this day, and identify what it is that makes your heart feel heavy and weighed down. Also, determine what makes your heart feel light and only focus on this. When you shift your focus to these things, your heavy burdens will be lifted.

The New Moon and Annular Solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th can make you experience some form of epiphany! The universe tends to send us information, knowledge, and messages through our subconscious and higher mind. On the 26th, the messages you will receive will be plentiful! Ensure that you take time to consider these new ideas, and possibly write them down so that you can action them later. You can get an idea that could be the start of something big!

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