Taurus Rising/Sun April 2020 Horoscope

True Black Moon Lilith will conjunct the Sun in Taurus on the 5th of April. This is a phenomenal aspect! This aspect only happens once a year, and it is a day that you should make most of. When Lilith conjuncts the Sun, you can bring light to and magnify all the matters that you have been unhappy with, especially regarding how others view you and disrespect you. On this day, you can stand your ground, put your foot down, say your say, and put an end to the debilitating conditions you are in or are exposed to. This day you will possess more personal power to stand up for yourself than what you have felt in almost a year, so make the most of it! This aspect will exaggerate your inner strength when it comes to any kind of repression in your life.

The significant events impacting you this month are the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 4th of April, and then Pluto going retrograde on the 25th of April in Capricorn. These events are happening in your 9th house of higher learning and spirituality. When the Jupiter Pluto conjunction happens, it will cause you to start opening yourself up in terms of the spiritual knowledge that you possess. You will use it to create justice and fairness around you. You possess a lot of experience and wisdom that can help the world now, so make sure you use it! The Pluto retrograde will shift your focus away from your personal life to the world and the bigger picture. You will be thinking about the future a lot, and you will be wondering how things are going to play out in this world.

Your 6th house of health, service, and day to day tasks will be illuminated by the Full Moon in Libra on the 7th of April. Try and reorganize your lifestyle and daily routine on this day. Are there aspects of your current structure and routine that aren't working out? Work to create new habits and rituals in your day to life and focus on implementing them on the 7th of April, when the Full Moon occurs. With the Full Moon in Libra, your focus will be on creating a balance in your life, so there is no better day to work on reshaping your day to day life!

Happy Taurus season from the 19th of April! Your 1st house of self-identity and appearance is being affected by the New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd of April! You will be super sensitive and aware of the beauty around you. When you see the beauty in other people or other things, it is you identifying the beauty in yourself; however, it is being projected and mirrored to you through another person. On this day, try and celebrate and enjoy who you are, and enjoy the beauty you possess in yourself. There are many beautiful qualities about you, focus on those, and focus on empowering those and making them stronger.

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