Sisterhood In The Time Of Crisis

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The last few months have rocked us. We came straight out of impeachment into an international pandemic. Many of us lost jobs, gigs, and other sources of income. Several of us had to put our life on the line because we work jobs that are considered “essential.” Some of us had to care for loved ones we ended up losing. Some of us even became ancestors because COVID-19 found us and there was nothing to save us.

In the midst of the pandemic, one of our sisters, Breonna Taylor, was killed in her sleep by police officers who were looking for someone who was already in jail, and because George Floyd was killed shortly thereafter, we were asked to again don our capes in the name of justice.

The only problem is that while we’ve been playing superwomen for everyone else, we forgot about each other.

I always try to make sure that I watch out for other women; especially Black women. We have to work twice as hard to get where we’re trying to go and the last thing any of us need is to feel alone or as if our very own sisters aren’t looking out for us. But, having gotten caught up in staying 6ft. apart, masking, and quarantining, I had temporarily forgotten how important general maintenance of sisterhood is.

Yesterday, I went into Walgreen’s for a few items, and, as usual, all of Dallas was in line and there was one lone cashier. She was a Black woman and she was working hard. Once it was finally my turn, I engaged her in light banter and found out that after her 8-hour shift there, she worked at another Walgreen’s across town for another 5 hours. She told me she does this most days each week. After I paid, I made sure to ask for cash back. When she gave me the money, I handed it back to her, verbally blessed her, and went on my way.

I don’t tell that story to brag. It’s not the first time I’ve done it. It won’t be the last. I tell that story to highlight the importance of pouring into each other, especially in hard times. I’m not a very patient person. I could have easily done like several people in line with the eye-rolling, disdainful looks, and the arrogant rudeness that service people are often subjected to when they don’t move as quickly as customers expect.

But the ability to see yourself in your sister can change the way you operate.

You see, I’m a Capricorn with a Taurus rising and a Virgo moon. I can judge better than Judy. I’m more inclined to suffer in silence and work through my problems on my own drawing from my rugged self-reliance to eventually find the solutions to my problems. But, every woman is not like me and my way isn’t always the best way. Sometimes, we need a hand up and sometimes we need to give a hand up.

I know that some of you may be concerned about who you can trust. You think you aren’t a girl’s girl. I can attest to the fact that the Universe will send you your tribe exactly when you need them. You have to fight your way into it. It won’t make you feel that the way you are isn’t enough. It won’t keep you up at night worried about their intentions. There won’t be a lot of drama. Though we are not perfect, your tribe will be perfect and complete and you will be a part of a sisterhood where you feed each other. You just have to want it.

I challenge you today to call a woman you care about. Check on her. If she needs something you can provide, do it. If she needs something out of your grasp, help her brainstorm how to get it. If she gave you life-changing advice, CashApp her some lunch money. Pick something on her Amazon Wish List to send to her house. Tip the drive-thru employee at your favorite fast food joint. If someone has done this for you, pay it forward.

It is women’s energy that drives and preserves the very existence of humankind. Who better to connect with than someone who shares our image? How much more powerful will we be when we combine our collective energy for the benefit of one another?


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