Scorpio Sun or Rising July 2020 Horoscope

On July 1st, Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn where it will stay until December 17th. Get ready to revisit old issues in terms of your communication with others and the outside world. Whether you meant to offend or not, you may have gone through some difficult public shaming in terms of what you had said in the past during this time. Saturn seeks to teach lessons and that will be a theme for you moving through the rest of the year.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 5th will activate this area of your chart and end the two year eclipse cycle that you’ve been experiencing. The next six months serve as the final stretch in learning and integrating Saturn’s lessons on your communication and how it is perceived by others.

Chiron will turn retrograde in Aries on July 11th in your 6th house of health, daily routine and work. Mars will form a conjunction and trigger the need to stand up for yourself in regards to your work life. You also could be managing old negative self-talk in terms of your health routine during quarantine. Be easy on yourself! This is a time of self-reflection and acceptance of true self.

On July 12th, Mercury will go direct (finally) in Cancer, so you may start to see some of the tension surrounding your communication with others start to dissipate. Take a moment to reflect on the situation at hand. Asking yourself where the opportunities lie and what can you learn from the conversations that occurred?

On July 11th, Chiron in your house of work will turn retrograde until December giving you the ability to internally shift some of the wounds you have been enduring in this area of your life. Mars will activate this energy on July 14th giving you the energy to take the active steps to change your work situation instead of staying in it.

On July 20th, we have the New Moon in Cancer occurring in your 9th house of beliefs in opposition from the intense Capricorn energy that I mentioned in your communication sector. Not only have you learned from what’s occurred in this area of your life, but your beliefs have changed because of it. This could be the birth of a new idea to present to the public based off of your experience.

July 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season, where the Sun is in it’s home sign and shines the brightest. The Moon will also be in the creative and warm sign of Leo in your 10th house of career and honors. A creative project could receive most of your attention this Leo season. If you have teaching as a profession this could also require your attention too.

To finish out the month, Jupiter in Capricorn retrograde in your communication sector will make a soft connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces in your sixth house of health and wellness. During this transit, you could be prompted to discuss health, wellness or spirituality. Seeking guidance or even exploring a new modality could be fulfilling to you.

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