Scorpio Rising/Sun April 2020 Horoscope

On the 27th of April, True Black Moon Lilith will periodically enter Taurus. This is your 7th house of partnerships, marriage and relationships. Lilith here will make you aware of the inaccuracies you have been experiencing in your partnerships. The more stable and reliable your relationships are with Lilith in Taurus, the more stable and happy you will feel, so aim to work through any conflicts without losing your temper or control over your emotions. You will possess the power of persuasion with Lilith here, and you will be able to use your charm and allure to get what you want in many situations! Do be sure to use your charming abilities for good. You can feel slightly obsessed with your relationships. Make sure you channel this energy to improve the current state of your relationship, and don't use it to cause conflict!

The significant events impacting you this month are the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 4th of April, and then Pluto turning retrograde on the 25th of April in Capricorn. These events are happening in your 3rd house of siblings, networking, and communication. You possess a lot of wisdom, and during the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is the time that you will be sharing your knowledge! You can spend a lot of time on social media, being somewhat of an activist for the rights of others and a better, more pure world. You will open your mouth and shine light onto any situations that disadvantage others. You will be more susceptible to people's unconscious thoughts with Pluto in retrograde, so you might notice and pick up a few things in other people you did not possess an awareness of before.

Your 12th house of dreams, spirituality, and intuition will be illuminated on the 7th of April by the Full Moon in Libra. This Full Moon will push you to retreat inward into your own inner space. As a Scorpio, your emotions and thoughts can be so intense; even you want to avoid them! On the night and day of the Full Moon, you will be able to gain access to your thoughts and emotions much easier, and you will be able to understand them. With a Full Moon in your 12th house, it is a phenomenal day to explore your subconscious through techniques such as yoga and meditation, as you will be much more receptive to the information coming from your subconscious on this day. Don't be afraid of what comes up and what you need to deal with when you retreat inward and analyze your inner world. Facing your inner fear only makes you stronger and more powerful in the end.

Your 7th house of marriage, partnerships, and love relationships is being affected by the New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd of April! You will start this lunar cycle by wanting to reinvent the dynamics of your relationship, and you will be keen to eliminate any dynamics that are toxic to your relationships. You will realize the value of the security and support given to you by your partner, and you will show them your gratitude. You will be less inclined to have self-centered motivations on this day and will consider the needs of your partner no matter what. If single, a New Moon here can signify the start of a new relationship or a unique perspective as to how you should approach potential future relationships.

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