Sagittarius Rising/Sun January 2020 Horoscope

Updated: Jan 4

January 19th, the True Black Moon Lilith will conjunct Venus in Pisces. Venus represents what we are attracted to on a conscious level, and Lilith represents our attraction on a subconscious level and the fears that come along with it. This transit pushes you to rebalance your life. Focus on the law of attraction, and realize that this is how the universe works. On this day, make a list of your fears and worries, and your wants and desires. You will be able to separate the two subjectively. Make a conscious effort to only focus on the wants and desires, and to make that your primary focus. Acknowledge the fears yet do not let them become you or overtake your mind. Do not invite the fears into your life by giving it energy. When the universe hears what you want, it sends it to you, and the universe listens to your thoughts. Align yourself with what your ultimate desires are on this day.

The True Black Moon Lilith has entered Aries on January 23rd and will be transiting your 5th house of fun. Life might've been dull lately, and a lot of the enjoyment could've been lost due to stress and pressure. With the True Black Moon in your 5th house, you will be able to reinvent the way that you perceive your enjoyment in life. You will be able to identify what brings you true happiness, and when you can identify this, you will be able to channel your inner creativity with ease. This aspect magnifies what brings you joy, and what brings you pain, and focusing on what brings happiness is vital. You will become much more open in your creative expression, and you will not feel repressed in the way you are allowed to express yourself anymore.

On January 3, the determined action-packed planet of Mars will enter your sign and your 1st house. Mars is a fast and powerful planet, and when it transits into your sign, it gives you a burst of vitality and energy. Take advantage of the strength of Mars to get most of your tasks and projects done, as you will have the determination to push through it no matter what. You will be incredibly enthusiastic about starting new projects, and you may even take the upper hand and initiate new endeavors where you are the leader! If there have been any ideas or thoughts on projects you want to embark on, while Mars is in your sign, it is the best opportunity to do so! Exercise will also be beneficial for you as you will have a lot of extra pent up energy that needs to be released. Plan a workout routine for just a few minutes every day to prevent yourself from having restless and sleepless nights.

Prepare yourself for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer in your 8th house of personal transformation on January 10. Time to finally release what has been causing you pain, tension, and stress! This month you could've been holding onto a lot of pressure, especially relating to your finances and family. Remember the concept of the only holding onto what serves you, and releasing and letting go of what doesn't! There might be an emotional buildup and release on this day, as the Full Moon in your 8th house can cause a massive internal release.

New Moon will be in Aquarius on January 24 in your 3rd house. The third house is the house of Gemini that is ruled by Mercury, which is the fastest moving planet in our solar system. When there is a New Moon in your 3rd house, you will be thinking and acting at a rapid speed! You will be able to multitask like a pro, and you will be willing and able to make informed decisions on the spot without having to ponder on it too long beforehand. You might be slightly agitated this day, due to the square with the New moon and Uranus in Taurus, as you want to get things done! Try not to step on too many toes with your hasty attitude.

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