Sagittarius Rising or Sun May 2020 Horoscope

The Sun enters Gemini and your 7th house of relationships on May 3rd. Gemini season means more love and romance for you, and quality time with your partner! You will shine in your relationship, and this is where the majority of your focus will be. Talk to your partner as much as you can, and try and communicate through any stagnant issues during Gemini season as you will both be more open-minded and accepting of trying new things and exploring new ideas and concepts. If single, this could be a time when your love life picks back up.

May 3rd, Venus in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. Neptune has been transiting your 4th house of home and family, and Venus is in your 7th house of relationships. On the day and the days surrounding this square, it can be challenging to get through to your family and loved ones, and it can seem like they have so many walls up. Take this time to get to know where they are coming from and what they are currently going through. If you are going to try and break down their walls, they are just going to work harder to put them up, but if you try and understand why the walls are there, they might just slowly start coming down or become easier for you to climb over.

An important event as we get closer to eclipse season in June is the nodal axis shifting from Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South Node. With the South Node in your sign and the North Node in the area of life of how you relate to others - there are some critical and important shifts coming up for you in those areas of life. Are you living a life that is authentic to who you are and are you surrounding yourself with relationships that are fulfilling? These questions, especially with Venus Retrograde in Gemini will start to come up.

There will be a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This Full Moon is happening in your 12th house of the subconscious, and it could bring awareness to you regarding how you sometimes can use manipulation to get your way, or how others can tend to do this to you. Sometimes, when you cannot get things to work out your way, you use roundabout ways to get something to work in your favor and to get your personal needs met. You will realize how this can be detrimental to yourself and others on this day. Try and think of new, healthier, more direct ways you can get your needs met by others.

May 11th, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius in your 3rd house of communication and your local community. The way that you speak to others, siblings and your local community has been up for review since Saturn went retrograde on March 22nd. You may have made some changes if this has not been working for you. This period of social isolation also has made you realize the value of these connections having not had them for some time. This period of reflection and learning will last until the Retrograde period is over late September.

Jupiter enters retrograde in Capricorn on May 14th in your 2nd house of self-worth and earned income which has been retrograde since April 25th. How you earn an income and how it’s tied to your self-esteem and self-worth has been a major theme for you the past couple of years. You have made drastic changes in this area -- whether it’s a new job, asking for a raise, leaving a stale position or asking for what you’re worth. During this period you will revisit these changes and truly decide if this is for you long term.

From the 13th - 21st of May, Lilith will be traveling in close conjunction with asteroid Chiron. This travel will be in your 5th house of creative expression. This transit could open up and bring to the surface a wound concerning fear of expressing yourself and fear of vulnerability and rejection when it comes to your artistic creations or artistic side. Your fear of rejection is causing you to close yourself off to some really good things in life, such as connecting with something and feelings of having a purpose. When you shut down your self-expression due to fear, you also shut a whole bunch of other doors for yourself that could lead to great things.

There will be a New Moon on May 22nd in the dual sign of Gemini joining Venus Retrograde which occurred on May 13th. It can be challenging to love your partner or another person fully if you are unable to love yourself truly. To love another, you need to learn to love and accept all the flaws that exist in you, and only then, will you be able to accept and love the weaknesses that exist in others. Harmonious relationships with others are a result of a harmonious relationship with yourself. On this day, try and recognize this synchronicity.

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