Pisces October Horoscope 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This month, invest some time outside. Especially in the daytime to look at the sky and observe nature, the sounds and smells around you. Maybe arrange a picnic or a forest hike. Observe the clouds, and see how they pass by. As a water sign, you experience many turmoils of emotions that can take you through many highs and lows. Try to perceive each cloud as a particular emotion, passing you by. When Venus enters Scorpio on the 8th of October, you will begin to acknowledge many deep and complex emotions relating to your loved ones. When channeled positively, you can make use of and manage the ocean of emotions you encounter and transform them into love and creativity.

Venus will trine Neptune retrograde on the 21st and on this day you will be living in a field of daydreams and roses! The romantic dreamer in you will appear and you will want to experience a deep spiritual connection with someone you love. You will also have a knack for creating beautiful artistic creations inspired by love and intuition. This is a perfect day to plan something romantic as the mood will be flowing!

A bright idea might pop into your head on the 13th regarding how to improve your income and finances, thanks to the full moon in Aries. On the 27th, you will reflect on the information you have learned over the past month and you will identify what is worth remembering and what is worth discarding. Time to do some mental filing!

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