Pisces Rising or Sun June 2020 Horoscope

On June 5, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse during the Full Moon at 15 degrees in Sagittarius. A lot of the time, your own mental blockages and your negative thinking stops you from reaching success and achieving. If you can overcome these mental and emotional blockages, there won't be all too much weighing you down, and the external forces against you will seem minimal. On the night of the eclipse, identify how your thought patterns stop you from reaching success and doing what needs to be done to succeed in your field.

Mercury enters retrograde in Cancer on June 18. Mercury is in your 5th house of creativity, and you might find yourself getting creative and experimenting with many different ideas, especially when it comes to being creative. You will want to talk about your creative ideas a lot. However, it is going to be trying actually to manifest these ideas, and put it to use! Others can think you are a little eccentric during this time with all the crazy, creative ideas you will have.

On June 20, Lilith will go direct in Aries. As Lilith is in retrograde a lot, it causes somewhat of a gray cloud to hang over specific issues we experience in life, according to where Lilith is located. Now that True Black Moon Lilith is direct in your 2nd house, issues that you weren't too aware of, or that you turned a blind eye toward regarding your finances, will be brought to your attention. While Lilith is direct, you will be able to tackle these issues without too much fear and disillusionment, and you will be more aware of what the right financial decisions are to take.

June 21, there is an Annular Solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. This solar eclipse will genuinely highlight what makes you unique and different, and you will feel happy within yourself! If you can, try and spend this day being creative and expressing yourself, as this is the one day this year where the creative energies will flow in and out of you like you won't believe it!

Neptune enters retrograde in Pisces on June 23, right in your 1st house! This retrograde can turn you into somewhat of a dreamer, where you try and imagine yourself or your life in different scenarios. It can be a bit tricky to feel completely happy and content with yourself during this retrograde, and you could try and rediscover a brand new identity for yourself. You might take on different faces, forms, and styles this time in an effort to find yourself.

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