Pisces Rising or Sun July 2020 Horoscope

Saturn’s lessons have put your friendships, network and dreams under review. Saturn will move back into Capricorn in your eleventh house on July 1st and will stay until December 17th. Over the past couple of years, your friendships have been tested. Do you surround yourself with people who are aligned with your values? You also may attract a network of older associates that can teach you and help you on your personal evolution.

On July 5th, the final Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will be the final in the two year Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle you’ve been experiencing. This will occur in your eleventh house of friendships, goals and wishes. Over the next six months, you will realize that your life goals have changed. You may seek a new network of friends in that new reality that you want to be a part of. Embrace them, change is good especially during times like these!

Chiron in Aries has been transiting through your second house of self-worth, and you have truly been battling old demons in this area of your life. The mythical wounded healer has been conjunct Lilith and will turn retrograde on July 11th. On July 14th, Mars will join this fiery conjunction, activating this rebellious yet sensitive energy. You could feel prompted to speak up for yourself and communicate what you’re worth. This transit will force you to, and it will feel healing!

On July 12th, Mercury will go direct in the emotional water sign of Cancer. This retrograde period has been occurring in your fifth house of children, creativity and self-expression. When the New Moon in Cancer occurs on July 20th, some Pisces may be nurturing a new baby or in the stages of planning. You also could give birth to a new creative endeavor that you have been working on in the background.

July 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season, where the Sun is in it’s home sign and shines the brightest. The Moon will also be in the creative and warm sign of Leo in your sixth house of route and health. If you have children, you could feel prompted to incorporate playing with them daily. You also could feel the need to pick up painting, dancing or drawing to help lighten up your day and feed your creativity. Choose what speaks to you and embrace your inner child!

To finish out the month, Jupiter in Capricorn retrograde will make a soft connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces affecting you and your connection with your friends. With your network constantly being up for review, you have realized certain facets about yourself that have changed. It can be a lot for a sensitive Pisces. Know that you are in the process of finding your true tribe and use this social energy at the end of the month to meet new connections who are truly aligned.

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