Adama's November 2019 Astro Report

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Welcome to Scorpio Season! The season of love and romance is over, and it is time for introspection and inward reflection. Scorpio season is a time when we take everything we have experienced throughout the year and process it internally to determine who we are so that we can figure out where we are going, as represented by Sagittarius season after Scorpio season.

Venus will enter Sagittarius on November 1st, which will make us wonder where we are going with our relationships. Mars enters Scorpio on November 19th, and our actions will become more intense, and we will struggle to let things go and let it be. Having our deepest innermost desires fulfilled will become an obsession.

November 25th, Venus moves into Capricorn, and this is when we have realized where our relationships are going, and we put the necessary steps in place for it to progress. Neptune will finally go direct in Pisces after the long five-month retrograde period on November 27th, causing us to get some mental and spiritual rest finally.

Our Full Moon will be in the earthy, stabilizing sign of Taurus on November 12th, and our New Moon will be on November 26th in Sagittarius that will usher us to do some internal and external searching for our ultimate truth.

The end of November ends off with a stellium in Capricorn, causing a lot of focus to be put into our careers. (Especially you late 80’s, early 90’s babies!) The INTENSE Mercury Retrograde started October 31st, causing some confusion in our daily lives yet again, and it ends in Scorpio on November 20th. From this point, we will finally be able to think clearly again. Sagittarius season starts on November 22nd, and from this day, we will want to explore and expand our perception through knowledge and travel.

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