Libra October Horoscope 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

You will want to connect and talk to others a lot this month, and your relationships will constantly be on your mind. Communicating your thoughts and sentiments will be especially important to you. It is important to be conscious of only verbally communicating things that are in line with your higher purpose.

Negative current news, politics, and gossip is not in line with the greater you that you aim to be. When you communicate negative thoughts, you feed energy into them and you end up manifesting them. Sometimes silence is more beneficial, as releasing a negative thought into words can lead to negativity being spread to those around you. It is not necessary to always be speaking, and at times it is best to leave your thoughts or opinions stored away safely in your mind. When you do so, the negative thoughts never get manifested. By doing so, you can keep your Libra scales in balance throughout this October.

Time to stand up for yourself, and put your foot down! The Aries new moon on the 13th will help you to voice your dissatisfaction with the unjust way certain people have been treating you. The new moon in Scorpio on the 27th might cause you to do some decluttering as you come to realize how you need to get rid of your old possessions in order to make space for new, fresher, better and higher quality items!

The Sun in Libra will sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 14th. This is known to be a very valued aspect, as Jupiter brings good luck and fortune! With Jupiter in the house of communication, you will be considerably lucky due to a conversation you will have with someone. Your optimistic approach will be visible and will bring you favors and all kinds of growth and expansion! Beware of letting your inflated ego affect your home life on the 27th, as Mars in Libra will square Saturn in Capricorn and there will be disagreements when it comes to power struggles and personality clashes.

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