Libra Rising or Sun June 2020 Horoscopes

On June 5, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse during the Full Moon at 15 degrees in Sagittarius. Do you believe what others tell you, and due to you believing what they say, does this cause you unhappiness? Sometimes, our own inner sadness comes from beliefs we have that were formed based on the opinions of others. On this night, reflect on what beliefs you adopted from others that cause you inner turmoil, and try to release them.

On June 7, True Black Moon Lilith will enter Aries. Aries represents your house of relationships, so there can be some underlying issues that relate to your relationships that can come to light now. You might have commitment issues, and if you do, it will show to your partner, and it can worry them. There is a side to you that wants fulfilling relationships. Yet, you do not know how to balance the sense of give and take in your relationships fairly. Try and see how your tendency to want to be an individual can cause issues in your partnerships.

On June 18, Mercury enters retrograde in Cancer, in your 10th house of career, work, and social reputation. This retrograde is a tricky one, as a side of you will want to impress others and make a mark in the world; however, you will seriously lack self-confidence in yourself. Things are changing around you so fast, and you don't know how to keep up anymore. Before you can go out there and make your mark, you are going to have to make some adjustments to your execution-style and yourself for you to feel more confident embarking on your goals.

June 21, there is an Annular Solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. With a solar eclipse in your 10th house of career, social standing and authority, you will focus a lot on the areas in your life where you have been able to reach success and power, and where others have power over you. You might realize how work has complete control and power over your life and happiness, and if this is the case, this eclipse can help you understand what you need to do to be released from the crutches.

Neptune will enter its retrograde period on June 23, in the sign of Pisces. During this retrograde, you will put yourself in situations where you feel needed and where you can help others. You will feel fulfilled engaging in charitable acts and opening your heart to help those in need. Your sense of awareness regarding how you can serve others will be high, and you will know what to do to ensure the lives of those around you is better.

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