Leo Sun or Rising July 2020 Horoscope

Happy Leo season! I absolutely adore Leos and this time of the summer is no exception. Even though the world may be challenging you have been put here to show us all a good time. On July 1st Saturn, the planet of restriction and authority, is moving out of your Aquarius 7th house and back into your Capricorn 6th house. The focus will shift from your relationships towards your duties at work until Saturn moves back until Aquarius on December 17th.

July 5th is a potent lunar eclipse in Capricorn that will trigger the intense Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter energy you have been experiencing this past year. This eclipse marks the end of the two year Cancer/Capricorn cycle. There has been intense changes with your daily routine and work schedule. An opportunity could come about that can free your time and give you the room to create and work on your dream project.

Chiron, the wounded healer, will turn retrograde in Aries on July 11th and will be triggered by a conjunction with Mars in your ninth house of beliefs on July 14th. You are another sign that will be taking an active stance for what you believe in. You also may work with spiritual healers or teachers to help heal any ancestral trauma or blocks that have been holding you back in your life.

Mercury will go direct on July 12th in emotional and sentimental Cancer. This transit has been occurring in your hidden 12th house. You have been quite emotional and withdrawn during this retrograde period, but this has been what you’ve needed. I keep going back to ancestry with you Leo’s because many of your limiting beliefs have been inherited. This retrograde period has made you realize that and take active steps to remove them.

The New Moon occurs on July 20th in the sign of Cancer, triggering a healing moment for you. You may experience subconscious breakthroughs or a sudden flash of inspiration. This is potent a potent New Moon after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st. Keep your notepad handy because you never know what thoughts may come through.

To finish out the month, Jupiter (in it’s fall in the sign of Capricorn) will make a soft connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. You could escape or getaway from your home (of course locally) during this time. This will do wonders for your creativity and honestly you could use a break to enjoy this favorable energy.

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