Leo Rising/Sun December 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This is a profoundly transformative time for you, with True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces transiting your 8th house of transformation as you focus on empowering your inner self. You want to let go of the weak version of yourself and transform it into a stronger one. For some, this could be a time of celibacy, as relationships are not high on your list of priorities. It could feel like just as you are about to win, you lose. What is essential to understand is that the process of life evolves that of loss and gain, and in most cases, when something seems like a loss, it is the universe saying that it was not meant for you.


The big Capricorn stellium will occur in your house of health, work, and service. You will be bogged down with demands from others, as the 6th house is the house of service toward others. You can feel used and abused and not amused! Hang tight tho, when the house of virgo is aspected so heavily in your chart, you will need to help others and offer a part of yourself to them, but this will result in harmonious work, love, and friendly relationships.

The Sun in Capricorn, will conjunct Jupiter on December 26th, causing a significant event! These are the most prominent solar bodies in our system, and conjunction between them cannot be missed! The 26th will be an optimistic fun-filled day, where you will be feeling at the top of your game. Negatives will seem like positives and you will be able to find solutions that help improve the overall wellbeing of everybody. If you will be traveling during this time or will be away from home, you will be in your pure element. Set a positive intention today, and it will manifest!

Be sure to plan an outing with your friends during Full Moon in Gemini in your house of friendship on the 11th/12th. Gemini will encourage natural interest and curiosity, and you will want to talk, talk, and talk some more! You will be itching to socialize and get out there tonight, and you will be able to let go and be for a few hours, indeed!

The New Moon and Annular Solar eclipse on the 26th will encourage you to analyze and assess your health. Maybe you haven't been eating too great, and the pounds have been piling, or perhaps you just haven't been moving around and exercising much, and your body is stiff and in pain. On this day, your body will tell you what is wrong with it, and you will be pushed to make the necessary changes to improve your health.

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