Leo Rising/Sun April 2020 Horoscope

Hello dear Leo! Your 3rd house of networking, communication, and the spoken word will be affected by the Full Moon in Libra on the 7th of April. With the Full Moon here, you will find your mind to be more restless, and you will want to explore and communicate more on this day. Your attention span might feel more scattered and all over the place, but that's okay because, on this day, you should try and take in as much information as you possibly can.

Instead of remaining focused on one topic, activity, and task, try and scatter your attention span a bit and see how much you learn and can get done! The more you open yourself to new things and experiences, the more you will learn, and the more fun life will be! During the Full Moon is also a great day to learn something new, as your memory retention will be secure.

The significant events impacting you this month are the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 4th of April, and then Pluto turning retrograde on the 25th of April in Capricorn. These events are happening in your 6th house of service, health, and duty. Keep an eye on your health, as a lot is going on in your house of health this month!

Ensure that you eat extra healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise. Any underlying health problems or possible problems relating to how much you give of yourself for the sake of your duty, but at the sacrifice of your wellbeing, could arise. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is a phenomenal time to deal with those issues you do not like to deal with, as Jupiter will give you the enthusiasm to get through anything with a positive mindset. During Pluto retrograde, there could be some strange illnesses that come to you as quickly as they disappear. Also, take time this retrograde to depersonalize yourself from the work you do. Remaining zen and calm helps ease tension and promote immunity.

Your 10th house of work, social standing, and career is being affected by the New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd of April. On this day, you will see the true beauty and value in the material possessions you own, as you will realize how much work went into obtaining them. You will be emotionally connected to your belongings, and you are likely to feel very sentimental about them. You know how much time, blood, sweat, tears, work and energy went into everything that you have acquired, and on this day, you can be proud of all your hard work and what you have achieved! With this aspect, it is not your possessions that you will feel sentimental about, but more the thought of how much time and energy went into acquiring that possession, and which memories were made at the time.

On the 24th of April, True Black Moon Lilith in Aries will square Mars in Aquarius. Time to reclaim your power! On this day, your sense of independence will be very strong. You will not need the validation or input of others to tell you that you are powerful and to know how much you can achieve. You will have copious amounts of trust, faith, and confidence in your abilities, and will stop at nothing to work toward your goal. You can really achieve a lot on this day, so try and schedule as many tasks as possible on this day, especially the important ones that require you to possess some serious inner strength! Nothing will get you down! Watch out for being overly pushy to get your way, though; you can come across as aggressive to others.

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