Leo Rising or Sun June 2020 Horoscopes

Venus in Gemini will square Mars in Pisces on June 2. There is a high chance that you can end up in a disagreement with one of your friends on and around this day, and it can be due to a clash in your beliefs, morals and values. One, two, or maybe a few of your friends might not agree with your point of view, and they will not be shy to let you know that they disagree. You might have to figure out how to calm a storm on this day!

On June 5, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse during the Full Moon at 15 degrees in Sagittarius. This Full Moon is in your 5th house of creative expression. How can you make a difference, and wow the world through what you have to offer? There is a side to you that is extremely creative and can grab the attention of dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of people! If you have been suppressing your creative side, let her out during this eclipse! Don't hide what you have to show any longer, the world needs what you are made of!

On June 7, True Black Moon Lilith will enter Aries. With Lilith here, you can undergo some significant changes concerning your outlook and philosophy of life. Recent events and changes around you have pushed you to see things through a completely different perceptive. You will likely let go of old, outdated beliefs and form new ones that are in alignment with the current changes and the evolution of the world around you.

June 21, there is an Annular Solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. Time for some soul searching, and to reconnect with your soul with a solar eclipse in your 12th house! This New Moon can be quite a humbling experience, as the better you can connect with yourself, the better you can see and come to terms with the negative behaviors and tendencies you have that play out in different areas of your life. Each time you experience a New Moon in your 12th house, you get closer and closer to yourself and become more aware of your unconscious inclinations.

The 2nd Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will take place on June 30, yet again in the sign of Capricorn. There could have been significant changes that have taken place in your workplace and your career, and I'm sorry to say this, but you better prepare yourself for even more curveballs headed your way! Additional adjustments, changes, and unexpected events can derail the plans that you have made. Try and not get too comfortable again once the conjunction is over. This event is happening again later this year, which can cause you to be derailed from your plan of action yet again!

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