Gemini October Horoscope 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

No major or minor transits are going through your house this month, and you will be feeling very at home with all the Libra transits. Your focus will be on finding a balance between your alone time, and time spent with others. As a social sign, you love to constantly communicate and can tend to drain yourself by focusing on others and the external environment too much. The key is to take the information and messages that others give you and to channel it into something creative. When you don't make “you“ time, you never get to do this and you don't end up channeling and harnessing your creative abilities.

This month, reaching a state of harmony between being content and happy on your own, and around others, will be incredibly beneficial for your mind state. You will come to find that you are able to create magnificent creations on your own when you pause and take time to reflect on your thoughts.

The full moon in Aries on the 13th will edge you to recognize the value of your peer group and also how you bring value to their lives. On this day you will be inclined to do anything for a friend in need. The new moon in Scorpio on the 27th will aid the elimination of the unproductive methods and structures formed in your work life and day to day routine. If something has not been working for you, the time has come time to end it and make space for something new.

On the 7th, watch out for the square happening between the Sun in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. Challenges might appear, and you can lean toward a sullen and gloomy mind state or mood. The Sun is in the house of self-expression and Saturn is in the house of transformation, death and rebirth. You might feel that you aren't able to discover yourself wholly and reflect inwards spiritually due to the duty you need to complete at work or for others. Pluto returning direct in Capricorn will make you come to realize that part of your inner journey is to be successful and implement yourself into this physical life as a hardworking professional.

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