Gemini Rising/Sun March 2020 Horoscope

Venus enters Taurus and your 12th house of the subconscious on the 4th of March. During this transit, you can prefer to do things alone as opposed to with other people or your partner. Teamwork is something you might want to avoid, as you will not be super willing to cooperate with others during this time.

Mercury retrograde will move into the sign of Aquarius from Pisces on the 4th of March. With Mercury in your 9th house of the higher mind, you will make some changes to your core values and beliefs you hold onto. Try to realize how the thoughts you think now have a direct effect on your future, and try to push yourself to consider the right ideas that put you on your destined path and let go of the thoughts and beliefs that restrict you.

There will be Full Moon in Virgo on the 9th of March, in your 4th house of home, your roots, and your family. Any issues that are going on between you and your family members or roommates will be bought out into the open and will have to be dealt with. You will feel very connected to your home and family during this Full Moon, so make sure you do not make plans to be elsewhere but home on this night. You will be needed at home, and your family will need you.

On the 9th of March, True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces will sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect gives you the essential foundations and support you need to express your repressed inner side. You will possess the self-awareness you need to make the right steps and to say the right things in your workplace without allowing yourself to be ridiculed.

Mercury will go direct in Pisces in your 10th house of social image and career on the 16th of March. During this transit, you will want to tell everyone about how things are progressing with your job, or you will want to tell everyone about your achievements. A lot of mental energy will be focused on work and reaching personal success with Mercury in direct motion. The shadow period for this Mercury retrograde will end on the 29th of March, so although you might notice things becoming a bit more evident after the 9th of March, be mindful and aware of the after-effects of the Mercury retrograde affecting you until the 29th of March.

The Sun enters Aries, which represents your 11th house of friendship and community on the 19th of March. Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac and signifies the start of a new astrological cycle as well as the occurrence of the Spring Equinox. With the Sun here, you might feel the urge to join a new group activity, whether it be a dog walking club, a yoga or a painting class, or a charity organization! You will want to reach out to the community and get involved.

Saturn, the planet of karma, structures, and limitations, enters Aquarius on the 21st of March! Over the next two and a half years, Saturn will be transiting through your 9th house. It can be challenging to travel during this time as it can seem that you cannot get away from your responsibilities. A way you can have success traveling is if it is for work. You could also reshape your higher, spiritual beliefs during this time.

There will be a New Moon in Aries, which represents your 11th house of friendship and community on the 24th of March. You will become more aware of what your role is in your community and friendship group. You will shift your focus onto other people and helping them on this day and won't be too concerned with yourself and your wants and desires.

On the 30th of March, Mars, the planet that rules our actions and desires, is moving into the innovative sign of Aquarius. Aquarius represents your 9th house of the higher mind and travel. You might want to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new and exciting with Mars located here! Spontaneous plans and trips are possible. You could also be dealing with foreigners or foreign cultures or languages a lot during this transit.

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