Gemini Rising/Sun April 2020 Horoscope

The significant events impacting you this month are the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 4th of April, and then Pluto turning retrograde on the 25th of April in Capricorn. These events are happening in your 8th house of personal transformation. Maybe you will feel like you have not done enough to help others when the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happens, and you are going to make a conscious effort to change yourself. This is going to be a very transformative conjunction, and Pluto retrograde for you, as you will be going deep inside yourself to find answers. You will wonder what you can do to change yourself to make a change in this world. Pluto retrograde will cause you to find yourself through some new, exciting sexual experiences! Prepare yourself to do some serious soul searching!

The Full Moon in Libra will illuminate your 5th house of fun, romance, self-expression, and pleasure on the 7th of April. On this day, it will be very beneficial for your soul and mindset to reconnect with your inner child, and just to have some fun and be yourself! Are there aspects about yourself you feel insecure about expressing, or telling others? Do you perhaps have an interest in a specific creative endeavor, but you fear to express your interest and passion for it due to being judged or perceived negatively? One does not need to be a perfectionist at art for it to be appreciated by others. On the day of the Full Moon, show the world your creations, and you will be surprised to find that others admire your work more than what you expected.

True Black Moon Lilith periodically enters Aries on the 17th of April, which represents your 11th house of community and friendships. With both Lilith and Chiron here, it will be a time where you may be compelled to stand up and fight for the needs of those in your community. You will not be scared to say your say, and say your say you must! With Lilith in fiery Aries, you are going to adopt a fighter mentality. You will be able to see the unfair treatment toward others, and you will want to put an end to this. You will not stand for the abuse and oppression of others with Lilith here, so go ahead and fight for those who need it!

The New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd of April is affecting your 12th house of the subconscious mind. You will want to start this new lunar cycle in your own space, and most likely alone. Chances that you can be social with the COVID-19 virus around is slim, but that OK, as on the day of the Full Moon, you probably don't want to be around others anyway! You can experience some complex emotions on this day, and if you do feel the need to hit up a friend and talk to them, it is best to do it over the phone or via video call, as being around other people when there is a New Moon in your 12th house is not encouraged. Try and meditate and do some soul searching on this day.

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