Gemini Rising or Sun May 2020 Horoscope

On May 3rd, True Black Moon Lilith in Aries will sextile asteroid Ceres in Pisces. Ceres is named after the great corn goddess and earth mother in mythology. Ceres represents how you nurture yourself and others, and it represents the inner motherly energy you possess. During this sextile, you will experience inner peace when it comes to caring for and being there for others you care about, even when they hurt and disappoint you and don't meet your expectations. It does sometimes suck when you have to be there for and care for people when it seems like they don't appreciate it, but sometimes their awareness just does not extend that far. You will understand this, and you will love them anyway, regardless.

An important event as we get closer to eclipse season in June is the nodal axis shifting from Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South Node. With the North Node in your sign and the South Node in your house of relationships, major changes in regards to who you are, how you communicate with others and how others perceive you are coming your way. With Venus transiting in your sign as well -- these changes could be prompted by your relationship to others. Are you authentic? Is this relationship aligning with your values? With a square to Neptune in Pisces, you could finally be hit with the reality of a situation instead of continuing to create a fantasy.

On May 7th, there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio. This Full Moon is in your 6th house of health and routine. Have you been taking care of yourself, mind body and soul during isolation? If you have this could be a period where you adjust some things in order to feel even more energized. If you have not, this will be a good day just to slow down and listen to your body and what it needs. Usually, when you experience pain and discomfort, it is because you aren't giving enough TLC to a specific part of yourself, so listen to your body, and make sure you get to do this on this day!

Venus enters Retrograde in Gemini on May 13th in your 1st house of self. Venus, a benefic planet rules love, relationships and beauty. When this planet turns backward in your 1st house you could be prompted to turn inward (not usual for a social Gemini!) and focus on who you are as a person and what do you want to communicate to the outside world? If you are in the creative field, especially communication -- you may want to relook at what you are writing, singling, painting or sending to the outside world. This is a great time to brainstorm, create and redo, but wait to launch any new endeavor until after the retrograde period June 24th.

Jupiter enters retrograde in Capricorn on May 14th. This is going to be a challenging retrograde, as it is happening in your 8th house of personal transformation along with Pluto which went retrograde on April 25th. This time will challenge what you believe about your own personal power, sexual needs and desires. You could turn inward and come to some realizations about things that have been blocking you from this. This Jupiter retrograde could be a very reflective time as you work to expand your internal power and create a space where you feel sexually confident and satisfied.

Happy Gemini season from May 20th! With the Sun moving through your sign, it's your time to shine this year, so make the best of it. The Sun in Gemini will trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius on May 21st. This is a favorable transit, as you will be receiving some good news or rewards for all your efforts and insights you have given to others to help them on their path. On this day, reach out to someone who is in a higher position as you or in a position of authority and ask them to help you, or ask for their insights. Taking this step can go a long way, as you could learn something valuable, or you could get the help you need right now. Listen to those wiser than you!

May 22nd, there is a New Moon in Gemini in your sign. This Moon cycle is all about you and what you need. Hopefully, you have taken time for yourself on May 7th, during the Full Moon, because on the 22nd is a day where you will be able to shine and show your best self if you allow yourself rest and peace on the days before. You will be great to be around, and if you can be around others, they will be super happy to have you around. You will feel more receptive, and understanding of the emotions and points of view of others, and will be able to communicate with them through anything they are going through, or about what you are going through.

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